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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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They will surely get pushback from players who don't want to be playing in the summer when the weather is good and they can go away with their families.


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I like the idea of pushing back the regular season in basketball in general, kinda makes sense. They should really look at shortening the in general. 82 games is too much (NHL too). I feel like the quality of games would be much better. Money will always be king, but something like 3 games against the division you're in and 2 games against everyone else would shave like 20 games off. Start the season with a tip off Christmas special and finish at the end of May. ~10 games per month.


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Fucked up Goat stat of the day.

Michael Jordan played against a total of 1212 NBA players. That's not the remarkable part.

The remarkable part is that 310 of them never won a single game against him. 235 of the remaining beat him once. Which means that if you played against Jordan, you had not much better than a 50/50 chance of beating him more than once in your entire career and a 1/4 chance of not beating him at all, ever.


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Slaying the Lebron dragon would be a nice follow-up to last year’s championship.

Though losing to that fucker again would suck in equal measure.


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that bracket would also **** over the celtics nicely. which is a nice bonus.

but yeah, i'm all over grizz/nuggets in the first 2 rounds. it was always gonna be 2 of MIL/LAL/LAC in the last 2 rounds, no matter what the setup.