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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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I got no problem with Kawhi going home but how do you not run it back?? He thought he could recreate a winner somewhere else. Now he’s thinking he should be playing vs the Heat.

That what I kept saying. It’s almost like your fucking duty to defend the title as the best player on the team. I still love him for last year but love karma having its way with him.


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I remember Ice Cube laughing before news of his signing came out, saying there was no way he was going to the Clippers. The reporter asked him why and he was like “because they’re the Dippers, man!”


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BitchAss Whiteboy team looking pretty good....

C Jokic
F Porzingis
F Robinson
G Hayward
G Doncic

6 Caruso
7 Herro
8 Olynyk


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And why not? GS was blowing up and Lebron didn’t even make it to the finals. I call bullshit on that. Maybe he said it, but it’s hard to believe he thought that one week after winning it all.