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OT: The Toronto Blue Jays


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But there's a good argument Greinke should never have come out to pitch that inning.
Given how he was rolling, you had to let him start. Although the ump missed on strike on Soto and called it a ball, which might have cost Houston the World Series. If Greinke retired Soto, maybe he finishes the inning, and then they change up their matchups the rest of the way. Otherwise, it's that age-old question of whether it's better to keep your starter for the 3rd time through the lineup at 80+ pitches, or go with a bullpen arm.

I don't understand why they didn't go to Cole for the 9th. Sure, you're down, but you absolutely need to keep it close there. Giving up those extra 2 runs really just killed any hope you had. Being down by only 2 going to the bottom of the 9th, with Washington not exactly running a trusted closer out there, and it's still a tense game. Down 4 and it's a lost cause.


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Vid from Gurriels insta account has Vlady putting in some jump rope work. Kid is looking leaner already. Like a lot. It's only been ~2 months.

We NEED him to take his diet and workouts seriously. This is huge.


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More stop gap BS by this Front Office. However, he is better than the tire fire garbage we were trotting out there at the end of last year. So yeah, it’s an improvement.


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Team needs players who can eat innings. He's not gonna be the reason we're not signing Cole or Strasburg this year.


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I guess what fucks me up the most about the entire Shatkins strategy is that they spend more money on bad players than they do on good players. Just imagine they took the money they are willing to piss away on replacement level roster fillers and spent it on studs, then went out and actually filled the rest of the roster with cheap players. Like actually cheap, not "cheap" like this guy is cheap.

We're spending 21.5 million on Grichuk and Anderson next season. You're most the way home on a star player at that number.