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OT: The Toronto Blue Jays


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A civil case? I bet he's got more of a chance than you think. He wasn't a good MLB pitcher, but there are lots of teams running worse junk out there than he was. Throw in some testimony from his agent about "teams were interested, and then weren't" and you've got something there.
I wish him nothing but the best of luck


Winning for Bolsinger is an out of court settlement. That (with a strict non-disclosure agreement) might be a victory for MLB as well, depending on how much they have covered up. My best guess is that it gets very close to discovery and the parties make the case go away for an undisclosed sum.


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I've been wondering a lot about whether some Astros players tried to stop the trash can scheme, and what the clubhouse dynamics were like. I definitely understand the rookies not feeling comfortable standing up to the vets. This article gives some really interesting details, including quotes from some unnamed members of the 2017 Astros team, plus one guy on the record (Joe Musgrove).

Great article, and worth reading.



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Please don't post links that ask you for money before you get into it. Please. No more athletic. They are just new slightly different rag.


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This is awesome. I haven't come across anything that could even come close to increasing Teeds' sports knowledge as what's on the other side of this link: