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OT: The Toronto Blue Jays


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Nobody mention that they could have (should have) drafted Pearson with their actual first round pick which they used on Logan Warmoth.


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jesus. Vladdy is comically fat. he's like the width of 2 guys standing at the plate at once.

Weren't there videos or pictures that came out in the off-season pre-Covid where he was looking somewhat fit?

He must've put on the Covid-19lbs a few times during quarantine.


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He was squeezed a few times, could have gotten a few better calls. But yeah he dealing some filthy stuff.


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I would guess Vladdy lost 10-15 lbs over the winter and then gained 30-40 since. He’s now a 1B at best and more likely a DH.

Still good, but the decision to leave him in the minors to get an extra year of control is looking a lot better. Get the best years you can until he eats himself out of baseball.


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That was quite the pitching duel. Don’t get to watch Scherzer often enough but damn that guy is nasty.

great to see Pearson have an awesome debut. Looks like a good one.