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OT - To Catch A Thief


The Artist Formerly Known as chiggins.
zeke is a barrista at one of those old school Italian joints in Woodabridge where they hide illegal video poker arcade games in the back.

he likes making coffee but the real satisfaction comes from educating his construction worker clientele about advanced hockey metrics

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the closest we've gotten is zeke one time hinting he worked at a non-profit or similar type organization.


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I was lining up to get a beautiful Budweiser beer and I fucking saw the fucker selling t-shirts to people in line. It was a home opener several years ago.

Zeke claimed he wasn't selling the shirts. I was drunk so he may be right but I'm sticking to that story.


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New update.

They finally opened up the carwashes in LA, so I got a desperately-needed one today. I asked them to see about what some buffing might do. Turns out it kinda made one of the three spots almost not noticeable at all. But no impact on the other two spots.

The one on the front driver's side bumper is such a weird one. It would have required the person to really stoop down close to the ground and do some work, as opposed to just a casual keying while walking by upright. But they tried to do it really deep with something kinda blunt, so it's more these deep indents than noticeable scratches. In contrast, the one on the passenger side was like a typical keying, a deep noticeable gash.

It really takes a shitty, despicable human being to be willing to cause property damage. You really have to be such a lifeless slug to think there's any justification, or worse, to just do it for fun.