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OT: What are you Watching/Listening/Drinking? - COVID 19 Edition


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I take my coffee black. A good bean, recently roasted, and freshly ground should not be bitter.

if you’re going to add sugar and cream because you prefer it that way, paying up for beans is probably a waste. The nuanced flavour from the single origin stuff gets lost in the mix
My whole life up until about seven or eight years ago, I thought coffee was supposed to taste like burnt ash, masked by two teaspoons of sugar and cream. Tasting the actual flavor of different beans across the world has been one of life's simple but fun pleasures for me.

But I fully acknowledge it's entirely gay of me and something that is not for 95% of the world. So I'm not promoting it. Most people love Tim Hortons coffee so why would they deviate?
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Serious twist at the end of season one of Hunters. Another series that messes with you and basically implies imported Nazis started the white suprematist in the States. Again, worth the watch folks.


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I've alternated between a small percolator, aeropress and cold brewer. After trying them all, I kinda prefer the cold brew the best. I'd say it costs a bit more per cup, but it's the only coffee I can drink black with no issue.


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Heh, ya, I was more making a joke about Woody's character somehow landing that wife (Michelle Monaghan) and side chick (Alexandra Daddario).

But ya Woody and McConaughey have been great. Really enjoying it so far.


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I just started watching a few weeks ago and just finished the blood eagle scene. That was intense