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OT: WWE/MMA/Boxing Thread


Wayward Ditch Pig
I was trying to sell their VP ops guy that they should invest in their own education centre for judges and refs. Create certifications and whatever - they are so much money, stupid to not do that.

can also create something underneath the must point system to better helP out judges to understand what deserves a 10.
That would be ideal. 10 point must is a bad system for MMA. It works better in boxing because of the 10-12 round fights.


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Not sure if he can go into the champ rounds with how hard usman will make him work without a camp and cutting so much weight.

Masvidal needs to damage quick. He’s been fighting standup fighters (outside of 8 seconds vs a wrestler) - usman is just gonna wrestle him first but can strike a bit better


Wayward Ditch Pig
Yeah, that's sadly what I expected. Masvidal was clearly the better of the two on the feet but Usman knew he wasn't fighting Colby with his pillow hands out there and made this a really boring wrestlefuck.