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Rumours, Innuendos and Flat out B.S.: 2019-20 Edition


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From Ek.

Talked to a source this morning who informed me that Jesse Puljujärvi would really love to play for the Canadiens. The Habs already have a great number of Finns and the city appeals to him greatly. The Habs are also facing some serious injury issues currently and the stars may indeed be aligning...
Make it happen Nero


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Wonder if we see a Hall for Gaudreau swap at some point. Johnny goes home & Hall from all rumors wouldn’t mind a return to a CDN market. Add to it both players would be changing Conferences which GMs tend to prefer for deals involving significant players.
is johhny hockey a pending UFA?


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trade Gallagher right now. he's one errant Shea Weber shot away from the beer leagues


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Great idea. Because his replacement wouldn’t be in the same danger.

I say trade Weber before he hurts someone else.


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I wouldn't give up the crazy assets NJ will likely ask for Hall unless you are a sure fire cup contender...Calgary, Edm and Montreal are not.


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I wonder if Buffalo's starting to run out of patience with Casey Mittelstadt. Hasn't really lived up to his draft billing yet.


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Rumor has it MB was in Rockford scouting Hawks 2018 1st rounder Nicolas Beaudin who the Habs had rumored interest in at the draft.