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The 2019-2020 MotherFucking Season Thread


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Here we are, but maybe some team out there wants Muzzin and will give up some younger stud who isn’t quite ready or who maybe they’ve underestimated. Or shit, maybe just a 1st rounder. In a situation where we could have Sandin step right in, I might be inclined to recoup something good like that that can help us keep the pipeline flowing.


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Not necessarily. It depends on what you think of the Muzz, I guess. I honestly like six guys either more or as much as him, assuming Sandin steps in and proves himself before the deadline. He’s kinda only above Ceci for me based on his play this year. So if he can yield a 1st...

Anyway, as much as I don’t see Dubas reupping Muzzin, I don’t see him trading him either. It’s tough to think though that if he could get a 1st, we could get lucky and land a Barzal type or whoever else could come out of the middle of the round. For a bit of a redundant asset.


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If the Leafs did in fact have at least six guys in he organization capable of being better NHL defenders in Jake Muzzin right now, and some other team was still willing to cough up a first rounder for him? Then sure, in that hypothetical situation it'd be a great idea to trade him.

But you are the only human being on planet Earth who thinks Muzzin is this team's 7th or 8th best defenseman.

Muzzin aside, I agree with continuing to acquire picks when you can to keep the pipeline flowing. But you don't need to sell off pending UFA's at the deadline to do that anymore. The way to do it now is in the off-season, by trading surplus players who don't fit under our cap anymore.

For example, this summer one of the $3M crew of forwards (Kapanen, Johnsson, Kerfoot) will likely have to go. We could use the cap space and the emergence of Mikheyev & Engvall gives us a surplus of top-9 forwards. So there's an opportunity to recoup some draft capital after we've already had the benefit of icing our best and deepest possible lineup in the playoffs this year.


The only guy you consider moving off this blueline is Ceci. Even then, he could well be a useful depth piece for a SC run.


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If another team offered a first and prospect for muzzin, I would be interested.

Example .... if edmonton offered its first and puljujarvi in exchange for muzzin, then goodbye muzzin.

But I really dont think muzzin would command that type of return.

I personally wouldnt resign muzzin to the term and cost of what I expect him to fetch from another team.

But muzzins present value for the leafs outshines the return this team would probably obtain from another team.

A lower half 1st rounder doesnt do it for me today.

But it is exactly those type of polakian moves that helps a team to stay at the top of the standing and not overpaying for help just to get into the playoffs.

Just a fantasy ..... it would be nice to make a trade with a team that is struggling to make the playoffs and misses them. And then the leafs have a lottery first rounder lol.

Lafrienier (?).

That is an amazing top 8.... this would be like an allstar roster ..... dont know how they will fit all those guys under contract lololol.


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This team is better with Muzzin/Barrie than without them. I am not sure why we would prioritize adding picks over winning. At the end of the day winning is the whole point here.

If Sandin and Lilly are ready then it makes way more sense for them to replace the weaknesses on the blue line in Marincin/Ceci than our best dman.


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They've got enough assets in the organization to make a significant trade. I'm sure Dubas realizes that. As usual the cap is probably the biggest barrier to anything.


Whatever we think of Sandin and Liljegren, it always takes a good stretch of NHL games for young blueliners to adjust such that they can be relied upon on the backend. There's very few exceptions to this.

If they aren't intending on trading Ceci, Liljegren should be cutting his teeth on that bottom pair while the former takes a stretch in the pressbox. Likewise with Sandin/Marincin. The only reason I see for playing Ceci over giving Liljegren at least a taste of NHL games is that they intend to trade him and don't want to completely nosedive whatever trade value he has.


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I’m still almost sure that Ceci’s getting traded before the deadline.

Either Dubas will find someone that’ll cough up a pick for him, or he’ll be the cap ballast going the other way in any big deadline acquisition Dubas pulls off.


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Detroit, Ottawa, Montreal, and Buffalo are all cooked. Are we really going to face off against Boston in round 1 again!?


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Detroit, Ottawa, Montreal, and Buffalo are all cooked. Are we really going to face off against Boston in round 1 again!?
That's boring. This setup is stupid.
WE win thsi time, but it's still boring seeing the same matchups.

Remember when Buffalo had such a better future than the Leafs?