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The 2019-2020 MotherFucking Season Thread


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Matthews - Dubois
Marner - Bjorkstrand
Nylander - Atkinson

Tavares - Jenner
Hyman - Foligno
Mikheyev - Nyquist

Kerfoot - Wenberg
Kapanen - Anderson
Johnsson - Beeston

Engvall - Nash
Spezza - Texier
Clifford - Robinson

Rielly - Jones
Muzzin - Werenski

Barrie - Savard
Holl - Murray

Dermott - Gavrikov
Ceci - Harrington

Andersen - Korpisalo
Campbell- Merzlikins


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.909 fred ain't even getting us by the Jackets.

as for Boston...I was pretty confident going in last time. I really thought we had them. and they were still better in the most important games, which is when you have to be. a potential round 4 would again be a special teams mismatch. that is what won the Bruins the series last time and I don't see what's stopping it from happening again. this group has to show more will to win than they have. more resilience.


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I hate the bye idea. They may be rusty, but they’ll be fresher not having had to play a series after zero NHL action for two months, and they’ll have no risk of injury from the prior round.

And why? To give the loser bottom teams that were out of it a free playoff ticket?? **** that. Have the bubble teams play in against the wild card teams in a shortened series or one game do or die.


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We are facing the Blue Jackets. We can take them.
I was laughing at the incredible hype the Jackets were getting already on the radio. There was non-stop hype about how injured the Jackets were and how deadly they'll be healthy. Not a single mention of Leaf injuries. Our media hates the Leafs.

There is going to be so many upsets it's crazy. Any team can win.


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Not yet. But it seems it's about to be and the 24 team set-up is agreed to. Leafs/Jackets best of 5, Winner gets Boston.

NBA is about to announce they are back. They are playing in Disneyworld.

It'll be a weird summer but fun to watch.


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He would be the only one that wouldn't be healthy.

Auston Matthews almost has as many goals as the Jackets top scorer.


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any reason to think any of our injured guys won't be back?

johnsson maybe?

Johnsson had his surgery in late February, and at the time they announced he’ll be out six months (which sounds like a blown ACL). So yeah, I wouldn’t expect him back until the fall.

The only other question mark would be Mikheyev, because he’s not exactly recovering from a run-of-the-mill injury with easily predictable outcomes.

Aside from those two, everyone else should likely be 100% whenever play resumes, I’d think.


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Matthews (22): 19:47, 50gls, 91pts ------ Dubois (21): 17:49, 24gls, 59pts
Marner (22): 20:33, 25gls, 94pts --------- Atkinson (30): 18:50, 35gls, 63pts
Nylander (23): 17:01, 26gls, 58pts ------ Nyquist (30): 17:45, 20gls, 55pts

Tavares (29): 19:17, 41gls, 84pts -------- Jenner (26): 17:34, 15gls, 35pts
Hyman (27): 18:02, 28gls, 52pts --------- Foligno (32): 18:10, 16gls, 39pts
Kapanen (23): 16:14, 18gls, 45pts ------- Anderson (25): 16:47, 21gls, 39pts

Kerfoot (25): 14:50, 14gls, 40pts --------- Wennberg (25): 15:46, 4gls, 29pts
Mikheyev (25): 15:35, 17gls, 48pts ------ Bjorkstrand (24): 14:31, 29gls, 47pts
Johnsson (25): 14:27, 20gls, 45pts ------ Texier (20): 12:45, 15gls, 30pts

Engvall (23): 11:56, 14gls, 26pts --------- Stenlund (23): 13:39, 14gls, 23pts
Clifford (29): 10:50, 11gls, 22pts --------- Nash (31): 11:18, 5gls, 15pts
Spezza (36): 12:13, 10gls, 32pts -------- Gerbe (32): 13:45, 11gls, 27pts

Gauthier (24): 8:50, 6gls, 16pts ----------- Robinson (24): 11:08, 9gls, 16pts
Malgin (22): 12:28, 10gls, 24pts --------- Bemstrom (20): 12:16, 15gls, 29pts
Petan (24): 9:17, 2gls, 15pts --------------- Lilja (26): 9:54, 4gls, 11pts

Rielly (25): 23:31, 15gls, 63pts ----------- Jones (25): 25:35, 9gls, 48pts
Barrie (28): 21:49, 11gls, 54pts ----------- Werenski (22): 23:22, 18gls, 48pts

Muzzin (30): 21:27, 9gls, 37pts ---------- Murray (26): 20:57, 3gls, 38pts
Ceci (26): 21:41, 5gls, 22pts -------------- Savard (29): 20:10, 4gls, 19pts

Holl (27): 17:40, 2gls, 20pts --------------- Gavrikov (24): 18:59, 6gls, 21pts
Dermott (23): 17:18, 6gls, 19pts --------- Nutivaara (25): 17:07, 6gls, 21pts

Marincin (27): 15:12, 3gls, 15pts -------- Kukan (26): 14:54, 1gls, 14pts
Rosen (25): 14:22, 5gls, 21pts ---------- Harrington (26): 13:22, 2gls, 18pts
Sandin (19): 14:19, 3gls, 23pts ---------- Peeke (21): 13:51, 4gls, 11pts

Andersen (30): 112gs, .914sv% --------- Korpisalo (25): 56gs, .905sv%
Campbell (28): 51gs, .917sv% ----------- Merzlikins (25): 31gs, .923sv%