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The 2019-2020 MotherFucking Season Thread


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I bet he could give us at least what Engvall, Kerfoot, Kapanen did the last 20-30 games...5 goals between the pack of them over that span.


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It's too funny. We're gonna win the Cup this year. After all these years, in asterisk year.

Good news is there's a good chance we can three and four peat it in subsequent years to hush the naysayers.


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Yeah, we might well win the cup with what is going on. It would just make too much sense. I love our chances.
Raptors had perfect timing with everything.

I was just looking at our lineup and drooling. So damn good. So much depth and skill.

Big question is Freddie. Dude stinks in October every year. He's had a huge layoff.


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Every goalie has had a huge layoff though, so that's zeroed out.

But we've never had a fully healthy and completely rested Freddie going into the playoffs before. There's a good chance he'll be lights out. And then when you factor in the young speedy legs of our skaters running down the other (older *Bruins cough cough*) teams, he may not even be all that busy.


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Pretty excited to potentially see some hockey this summer but um...if any team has any staff or player test positive would they be out of the tourney? Would be pretty crappy to have your star player not available.


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How have they handled those positive tests?
I believe (from twitter) just by removing and isolating them and they're going ahead with training/the return but I'm not a football fan.

Here's the article:

They had 4 positive tests from 3 different clubs in the latest round of testing. It says the positive tests will be required to self-isolate for 7 days (? seems short). They had 6 in the first round of testing, two in the second round of testing. All the players were supposed to have been isolating for the last month.


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Athletic speculating on our post-season roster:

The Leafs projected postseason lineup

If the play-in series against Columbus started tomorrow, this is a plausible lineup Toronto would go with.

Hyman – Matthews – Nylander
Mikheyev – Tavares – Marner
Robertson – Kerfoot – Kapanen
Engvall – Spezza – Clifford

Muzzin – Holl
Rielly – Barrie
Dermott – Ceci


Healthy scratches: Gauthier, Sandin, Malgin

Taxi squad: Rosen, Liljegren, Agostino, Brooks, Marincin, Korshkov, Petan, Kaskisuo, Woll



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Mirtle: A couple things on Robertson: One, people are going to make a big deal of this today because it’s news and we haven’t had a lot of it, but it’s a complete no-brainer. What he has done in junior has been unbelievable. But consider also: Two, who else is going to be on this 30-odd player taxi squad? Look at who they have with the Marlies. Johnsson is likely out for at least the early rounds of the playoffs and they need help on LW; it’s not like they’re drowning in options in the AHL anymore.

I honestly think at this point Robertson is in the lineup when the games resume, even with the Leafs season on the line. He’s that good, already.

Siegel: I think you’re absolutely right. He’d be pushing one of Frederik Gauthier, Kyle Clifford or Pierre Engvall from the lineup. And if he looks overmatched at any point, the Leafs can swap him out.



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I'm kinda interested in seeing a Clifford-Gauthier-Engvall line to give us a pretty huge and mobile 4th line. But that would force spezza up to the 3rd line which might hurt us defensively there. Though I guess you could drop spezza completely. But I don't think I want that either.