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The 2019-2020 MotherFucking Season Thread


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I guess if there's a guy he would be a reasonable substitute, it would be Tima, or Moore, who is also similar.

But in terms of how good they are, for me it's clearly Moore, then Tima, then Petan. It has to be a showcase, unless Babs feels Tima has dropped off a bit and wants to light a fire.


Moore seems to have dropped off considerably the past few games, his work rate has been crap and he kinda needs that to be useful for us.

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agreed on Moore. came out of the gate flying then dropped off quite a bit.

Tima's been our only fourth liner capable of carrying the puck at all.

and Babs clearly has a thing about talented people not being permitted on his fourth line... still...


I hate that Babcock always blames Nylander for everything. I think it may actually be affecting his confidence. Even on his nifty goal last night, he seemed like he always wanted to pass the puck. With his slick moves and shot he should be more a 50-50 pass shoot guy.


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That is exactly what happens. Dubas is building a roster he believes can win and will bring in a coach that compliments it before tearing it down


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the perspective this city has on a team on a 97pt pace after 16gms is hilarious.


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As bad as we’ve been, it says a lot that we’re just 5 points away from Boston despite the key injuries all season.


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So I started the Tavares to Toronto talk at least a good year before it happened and took a lot of abuse till he put pen to paper.

Now I’ve got another prediction. I think Pietrangelo makes it to free agency and the Leafs get him. Barrie will walk. Muzzin probably walks. Ceci maybe stays for roughly the same if the cap rises enough. And we look like this next year:

Rielly Pietrangelo
Dermott Ceci
Sandin Liljegren/Holl

and if the money isn’t there for Ceci, or maybe even if it is:

Rielly Pietrangelo
Dermott Holl
Sandin Liljegren

I think Holl has been fantastic this year and is really cementing a spot.

I think Muzzin has a place here and both parties like each other but I’m not sure his salary demands will be doable and I’m not sure Dubas would want to commit long term dollars to him.


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Pietrangelo would be a nice pickup.
With Holls play this year, there is no need for ceci.
I predict a sandin lilly and holl defence with rielly, pietr and dermot.
That is why I mentioned earlier that if sandin or lilly are brought up and flourish, then I can see the leafs trying to recoup some draft choices for barrie.
I know that top tier teams dont trade away assets during the season, but if barrie keeps struggling and one of the youngsters can make a sound place on the big team, then in my opinion, I would trade him.
Also. I think the babs love in with the goat will come to a crashing end soon .... and not soon enough for me.
The goat brings absolutely nothing to the leafs except faceoff prowess. 53%?
Spezza is far more useful as the 4th line center than that troglodyte goat.