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The 2019-2020 MotherFucking Season Thread


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Unless he uses his size the way people want, Gauthier will always fail to some.
I understand it...you see him and wonder why he's not plowing through guys...thing is he has genuinely improved his skating and seems to be a positive on that line.


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I'm down for giving kappy a chance to figure out the new line and new side of the ice, but there can't be endless rope either, especially with moore playing so well on that 3rd line on kappys natural side


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Moore over Kapanen at this point

Yeah, I'm leaning in that direction too. The Kappy-Captain-Mucho line has been hot garbage at five-on-five to start the year.

I have no objection if Babcock wants to keep them together a bit longer to see if they can figure it out, but he has to try something different if this goes on for too much longer. Putting either Mikheyev or Moore in Kapanen's spot seems like the thing to try.

It also helps that it seems like Kapanen would be a natural fit with Kerfoot.


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If i cut 2017-18 stats out now, and change the 2 year split to be just this current season plus last season, the numbers look like this:

2 year.png

big differences here would be Kappy's ES production leaping up to a damn good level, as he did nothing offensively at all in 17/18.

Also rielly moves up from really good to super-elite offensively, too. Barrie also looks even better - tougher qoc, even better offense, and a plus possession player.

Also, of course, Tavares/Marner look even more dominant.


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and looking at just this year....


JT line has been dudly. Matthews-Willy have been dominant. Interestingly both Kappy and AJ seem to be dragging their lines down.

3rd line has been plain dominant. Mikheyev and Moore could easily slide into the kappy and AJ slots if babs wants to tinker.

Rielly-Ceci have probably been good, despite the poor team relative number.

Barrie has been the most pleasant surprise back there.

Sandin with a nice start to his career too.

EDIT: shit, ignore those goalie numbers.


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Since Kerfoot entered the league:

Kadri (29): 155gms, ES 13:28 (B+), 1.54avgp60, 50.5avg% (-1.5) ------- PP 2:20, 4.65avgp60
Kerfoot (25): 158gms, ES 11:29 (C+), 1.53avgp60, 50.4avg% (+1.9) --- PP 2:14, 3.92avgp60


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This year plus last year:

Kadri (29): 75gms, ES 12:56 (C), 1.43avgp60, 52.1avg% (-0.1) ------ PP 2:38, 3.19avgp60
Kerfoot (25): 79gms, ES 12:17 (C+), 1.40avgp60, 52.9avg% (+3.7) -- PP 2:01, 3.02avgp60


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I'd love to see Johnsson-Kerfoot-Kapanen and put Moore/Mik on whichever of the top 2 lines each one is suited for.


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zeke your stats don't seem to include the two PPAs Barrie got against the Habs
Looks like only one was actually on the PP (willy scored after the PP expired)...and the 2nd came with the goalie pulled and corsica doesn't count stats from empty-net situations.


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I hate the way AJ and Kappy have started the year but I expect them to figure things out in short order. Also don't want to mess up the chemistry on that 3rd line, they have been dominant.


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So far so good with drawing penalties, averaging 5 PP's per game to this point. I'll take those odds.


It seems the Leafs have started the last three seasons with lots of pps and then the league goes, whoa!