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The official NFL thread


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Frisco isnt interested.

Aside moneys. This wont end well for Tom. 9-7 and on his ass alot in a goofy jersey
They may not be , but I never thought JG was going to orchestrate the comeback to win the SB

Brady , most likely was going to do it

For 1-2 years I would take him over Jimmy

I thought Tennessee was his destination , if he didn't retire


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People are underestimating how ungood Brady was last year. Contenders wont be fooled. Arians might want the experience and game manager for his studs and the Chargers want fans.

Pats might go Dalton/Carr and be what they were last year or use their 699k rookie and load up on D


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Great trade for the bills.

Time to see if Allen has it or not. Using a 22nd overall pick on a WR was the alternative. Hope that the pick develops into a diggs level player. Probably wait a year or 2 for the player to develop.

the bills deal with the Vikings has nothing to do with the texans deal.


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Good class of WRs this year, but that position has huge bust potential.

I'd rather have Diggs -- only 26 and signed to a reasonable deal until 2024


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Brady to Tampa is interesting. Apparently, he was disappointed BB couldn't get Diggs or Hopkins yesterday


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It would not shock me to see the Bills pick him up to mentor Allen. It’s such a Bills thing to do.


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Bucs make the most sense to me. Good offense and they've never been happy with Winston. Signing Brady and throwing off-season resources at the D would make them pretty interesting.


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It appears to be Tampa

Jordan Howard Miami
Phillip Rivers Colts
Austin Hooper Browns
Robert Quinn Bears
Blake Martinez Giants
Cory Littleton Raiders
Jimmy Graham Bears