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The official NFL thread


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Great start to free agency for the Bills. Where the jets fans at? Lol

bucs are great spot for Brady. Legit weapons to work with. Tax free. Happy to see the end of the patriots. Wonder who they’ll get to replace tb. Cam? Draft? Tank for Lawrence?


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Nah, they need to unload players like Gilmore to be that bad. Don’t see it.
not being serious...the team is too good, even if they traded everyone (like the Fins did last yr) tanking needs a lot luck (the bad kind).


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Man Brady being done in the AFC East is kind of surreal. Know there are a bunch of Jets/Bills/fins fans here that have suffered for 20 years because of that mother fucker. The AFC East can breathe again.


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Panthers releasing Newton. Think NE will be interested?
Nope. An athletic QB who is not accurate and is coming off of multiple injured seasons with a reputation higher than his actual football output doesn't fit the Belicheck mold.

Could see him going to the Chargers.