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Things To Not Be Worried About


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Truthfully, in theory forgiveness of all payments and closure of the market for a month would work. Putting everything on pause. Not very capitalist though.
Agreed , put the pause button on all payments for a time frame across all facets of business and consumers

Its a dream where we wake up in 60-90 days and April 1 stars in June or July

Not capitalistic by any means but it might be the only realistic solution if executed

At some point if this drags on how do you avoid a war on the streets in California or New York if they are locked down and people can’t survive without assistance .


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Premier Kenney is killing it right now.

Says South Korea is the guide. That testing is the most important thing.
To me that says he has an exit strategy.

Then some reporter tried to get him to bash Trudeau but instead he credited and defended "the government"

He also showed how he will only do some things like screening at the border or closing borders if Dr. Hindshaw says so.

Love it.

Hated the man and his politics but he seems built to handle this as a leader.

Much credit.


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@CH1 where do you buy your drugs? OCS makes me pick up at post office. **** that shit, I'm in quarantine.
I have used orderweedonline and cannablossom. Never had to pick up the package. Since they’re illegal, they don’t need a signature.