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Well, this is....different


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Like you can't post back to back posts within a certain time frame?
Correct. But it's like within 30 seconds or some shit. It's a pointless rule since we don't have anyone who would abuse that here, but ME is being a bit of a baby back bitch too.


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I will continue posting pictures and gifs of spam randomly around the board until this feature fucks off



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More specifics would aid in correcting the issue. Are you referring to multiple posts?


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This is for most of you. I am a pretty old poster here, maybe the oldest. But I got to see this guy play And he is not only hall of fame talented, and could carry a team on his back, he is pretty Mindzeye esque.

Mindz might find that offensive. But I hope not.

Watch this interview, spliced with SOME film of this incredible athlete.

Guys, this guy, phew. Foof. And white guy too
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John riggins .... gets all drinks up and tells the first lady to mellow up a bit and show him some love, and then passes out in a corner in the white house lol.
Ya riggins was one of a kind.