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Well, this is....different


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Desktop browser version messed up too.. Weird formatting, page elements overlapping or scrolling under each other.... Chrome 83. I cleared cache but no change


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If you use an old page...you can refresh it and it's fine...but any new hits brings up that error and mess


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Yes....I went to an old page on my browser and it looked better....but when I clicked on the previous way It was all messed up. There's no real mobile app version right....just the bookmark?

Yeah, I don't use an app or anything---just the browser on my phone.

Usually looks & works great, but this is what it looks like at the moment (pretty much what StormChaser is describing):



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Good call.

He's desperately trying to save us before they roll out the COVID-19 vaccine and kill all of us sheeple who take it.


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Just got an email that it's repaired. Please let me know here if you're still having issues and if you still refresh and get someone else's account. They've supposedly fixed that too. We shall see.