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What to do?


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It’s been two months since we last discussed what to do and agreed to take a wait and see approach regarding the end of the season.

I went back to Fantrax and saw the tentative season end date of May 31st which made me think of some details that may be worth discussing prior to the NHL making it’s decision.

As time goes by regular season games are less likely to be played out, but if some regular season games do happen indeed, then Free Agents pickups should be allowed again.

When and how would we allow FA to be picked up again ?

A) On the date the NHL announces the season is resuming

B) On a date agreed upon by our League after the NHL’s announcement so manager are not caught off guard by the restart

Also would it be back to regular season free-for-all at said date, or should we restart with a waiver period with all FA as we usually have post-draft ?


If the NHL does not play any regular season’s games and goes straight to playoffs, then our league’s
season would be officially over.

If I am not mistaken, off-season means managers are allowed to make trades again.

So in this scenario, when would it be fair game to start trading again ?

A) On the date the NHL announces the regular season is officially over

B) On a date agreed upon by our League after the NHL’s announcement


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Looks like nobody has any ideas, cause it's hard to say what they'll end up doing. I guess the option that makes the most sense to me is if/when the NHL makes the announcement that the regular season will resume, maybe we re-open player pickups the following day at noon EST.

As for trading and post-season activity, if the NHL announces the regular season is over, let's wait and discuss it at that point. Probably should be able to open up moves shortly after that, once we have an idea as to exactly what they have planned.


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Regular season is officially over.

Fantrax The NHL is opting to end the regular season and proceed directly to the playoffs. Therefore, since there will be no more regular season games, the season is officially over for this league (Playoff games can not be included in regular season leagues). Your league commissioner is responsible for making any further decisions regarding your league. Leagues will be available for renewal for the 2020-21 season shortly. Thanks for playing, and most of all thanks for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.
Decisions on winners, draft order can now be decided.