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    Playoff GDT Game 1: Canes v. Preds 5/17 8:00

    Please post some tailgate pics for those of us who have to appreciate it vicariously!
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    GDT: Canes @ Bruins 8/12 11:00 am

    Am desperately teying to set mu UVerse DVR and like As Andy noted, the U Verse guide is showing strange things. I am desperately trying to set the DVR, and the NBCSN shows it coming on at like 6:00. Am I missing something? And I too cannot find it on any FSS channel.
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    2019-Whenever Misc. Grab Bag Thread

    I lurk and read daily but rarely post, but heard a great thing from my neighbor to share. Unbeknownst to me, as we don’t have children, there is apparently an initiative to put teddy bears in your windows for kids to count as an activity in this time of no school. So I know have my ‘Canes...