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  • Forgive me for jumping in and starting the thread. I know I don't talk much, but I happened to be here and saw it was your bday and couldn't resist. There's not a lot of activity on the Sabres board but you always hang in there and post the stats and gdt, so hats off to you!!! Hope you have a great birthday and we kick Norway's ass!!!! :)
    hey there! sorry i never saw that you asked how i was doing! i'm not good at keeping up with messages posted on my profile, so forgive me for that! :D

    but i was possibly doing well that night. who knows now. :lol how are you doing!? have a good birthday, i hope?
    Happy Birthday!!!! I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

    :party: :joy :cheers2: :joy :party:
    Hey!! You should join our People That Rule Group!! Check Habspatrols profile, or mine, for it! :)
    I am usually visiting the Sabres board. Got to keep the riff-raff away....:hamer::smilielol5:
    Hello....pretty soon we will all be just buzzing about hockey.....I'm on pins and needles. Hope you will join us at the Ducks forum and keep me company.:)
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