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  1. MindzEye

    OT: Coronavirus Resources - and other things to not worry about

    You know, a thread about nothing specific. Just post things that you don't think anyone, anywhere should worry about. I'll start So yeah, don't worry about this. What aren't you worried about?
  2. MindzEye

    Well, this is....different

  3. MindzEye

    2019 NHL Draft Thread

    Gary is trolling the Vancouver fans pretty hard, this is good TV
  4. MindzEye

    The Mother****ing Off Season Thread

  5. MindzEye

    Bueller.......Bueller......Bueller.....GDT: Leafs vs Rangers

    So uhhh...there's a game on.
  6. MindzEye

    F**k you Jobu, I do it myself GDT - Leafs vs Vegas - 10PM EST

    Zeke is a flop show, but we knew that already. Tune in to see what kind of goofy shit our coach does tonight. Connor Brown in net? Could happen. Ron Hainsey on Matthew's wing? Maybe. Patrick Marleau first out for 3 on 3 overtime? Bet your balls on it son. Nothing is too crazy for...
  7. MindzEye

    Leafs acquire Hutchison from Panthers for 2020 5th

    So I guess that sorts the AHL goaltending and overall goalie depth issues. I'm hoping that this has nothing to do with Freddy's health though.
  8. MindzEye

    Post Your Prospect Rankings

    We've had a chance to see some of our kids over the last few games, so it's probably a good time to throw up our personal prospect lists. I'll be borrowing from the Hockeys Future ranking system for the grades ( http://www.hockeysfuture.com/playerprojections/ ). I'm going to use 50 NHL games...
  9. MindzEye

    New Canadian Politics Thread

    Zeke is a dummy, carry on.
  10. MindzEye

    The ****ing Offseason Thread 2018

    I'm getting sick of doing these in April. Okay, the big questions going into the off season: - The right side of the blueline just isn't good enough - What are we doing with that #3 centre slot - Does management remain patient with the kiddy movement - What do you do with Jake Gardiner? (fire...
  11. MindzEye

    The Beautiful Thing About The Playoffs......GDT

    .....Is that you can erase an embarrassing loss by winning the next game. All the anger, and embarrassment means absolutely nothing with a good effort and a win tonight. The goal as the road team is always to go into your opponents barn and steal a win, go home 1-1 Let's get it.
  12. MindzEye

    The ****ing 2017-18 Season

    This is about as good a way to start the season as there is I think: I figure they should be ready to put Matthews there by Jan-Feb or so.
  13. MindzEye

    The Path From The Bubble To Division Winners

    I decided to take a bit of a deeper dive on a problem the Leafs had last season, that appears to be less of an issue in pre season that if no other improvements are made this season will see the Leafs move off of the bubble and into the mix for the division: 1 Goal Games. Leafs were 12-8-15 in...
  14. MindzEye

    GDT - Leafs At Canucks - 7:00 EST

    Should be a rather ho-hum affair I suppose. It's not like there were any death threats after the last match up or anything.... Matt Martin could earn his salary for the year by punching out Gudbranson and Dorsett tonight.
  15. MindzEye

    Contract Updates Thread

    This is going to start being a thing soon, so may as well have a place to post inaccurate AAV's 1) Morgan Rielly - 5.0 2) Boone Jenner - 2.9 3) David Savard - 4.25 4) Ryan Kesler - 6.875
  16. MindzEye

    The ****ing Offseason Thread - 2016

    Somehow I think the tone of this off season thread is going to be a bit more upbeat than the last few.... JVR-Stamkos-Nylander Leo-Kadri-Marner Sosh-Matthews-Hyman Michalek-Laich-Greening Rielly-Zaitsev Gardiner-Carrick Marincin-Hunwick Bozak, & Holland traded. Lupul to Robidas island...
  17. MindzEye

    FI Leafs Top Prospect Project - #7 Discussion thread

    So....it looks like Dermott has #6 wrapped up, so we're on to the discussion for #7. As much as Timashov impressed me in my first look at him, it's really hard to not give Connor Brown the nod here personally, though I think Timashov's D+0 production being so much higher than Browns D+0 & D+1...
  18. MindzEye

    FI Leafs Top Prospect Project - #6 Poll Thread

    Okay, top 5 is sorted. On to #6
  19. MindzEye

    FI Leafs Top Prospect Project - #6 Discussion thread

    So the run off is still going on between Johnson & Brown, but we know one of them is going to be in the 6 spot. If Brown wins, I've got Johnson next on my personal list. If Johnson wins, I've got Dermott... and go.
  20. MindzEye

    Prospect Poll Run Off - #5

    So yeah, voting closed with Brown & Johnson deadlocked. Let's try this again in a run off, with only the two options.