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    OT - Medical Experts during Lockdown

    So a few months ago, I hurt my shoulder really badly doing pilates of all things. It was a really awkward pose where all the weight was on my hands, and something just twisted out of place. I figure it was no different than any other injury I've ever had, and would heal within a week or so...
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    OT - To Catch A Thief

    Well, not really a thief, but a fucking criminal. Around ten days ago, I was leaving the grocery store and going back to my car when I noticed that some ******* had keyed the rear left quarterpanel (lots of scratches going around in a circle or back and forth motion) as well as the front left...
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    Strange Pop-Up Related to Site?

    Hey All, So I'm occasionally getting this weird pop-up (I think purportedly from Microsoft) that takes over the Explorer windows and starts talking about loud that I need to do so and so in order to prevent all my files from being damaged. I just got a new computer from Microsoft recently, so...
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    Who Gets Dealt?

    Franson and Santo are gone, but there are so many left who seem like they could be out the door any minute. Bozak Lupul Kessel Phaneuf Polak Winnik Booth Robidas Jokinen Bernier or Reimer Lots of prime candidates, and I think we can expect four or five of them to be gone by the deadline...
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    So I opened up my iPad the other day to see that this was still up in my browser, so I captured the image. Figured some of you would appreciate it as a temporarily-accurate resource in the near term, and a good reference point in the long term.