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  1. Hoss

    Leafs Acquire Jake Muzzin

    for Carl Grundstrom, a first round pick and the rights to Sean Durzi Discuss
  2. Hoss

    Leafs @ The Buffalo ***holes. TSN

    Hello FI Comrades. Figure to start this GDT as it wasn't up yet, and I have had some luck in GDTs We know Mceihenniey (sic) is starting as they have called up Sparks to be on the bench. No Zaitsev due to illness. (methinks next year he will be placed on Robidas Island) Saw something on...
  3. Hoss

    Sharks vs Leafs. (The beards are back) 7pm sportsnet 32

    Hey I didn't see the game thread so decided to start it myself as I'll be going to the game tonight with my daughter. Being the second game back after that west coast trip should have the team playing better again. They'll also want to play well for Patty at home. Here's hoping kadri...
  4. Hoss

    Pacman vs Team Money: Better late than never

    I have a Filipino neighbour that is having everyone over so I think I'll be watching it there. But I figure this could be a spot for people to place their bets, and or comment on the fight. I personally will be rooting for Pacquiao because I can't stand Mayweather, but Floyd has waited this...
  5. Hoss

    Super Bowl XLVIII

    Just starting this thread to keep game comments here, and comments on commercials. Speaking of commercials, I just got PIA VPN so I was going to stream it to my tv. Fox.com says they stream it, so because I am in "New York" will I be able to stream it no problem from Fox.com? Would love...
  6. Hoss

    Leaf Rumours

    I know the other page is going off about the Giguere one, and people can keep posting there, but I thought to start off this page for up and coming player rumours. This one I found super funny... but some interesting names mentioned. Now the Campbell for Kaberle are EFFING HILARIOUS but the...