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    Predictions 20-21

    Hard to say how this one is going to play out. My shot at it. Can't be bothered to look up the names of the divisions. Div 1 1. Vancouver 2.Winnipeg 3. Toronto 4. Montreal followed by Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa in that order Div 2 1.Washington 2.Philadelphia 3. New York Islanders 4. New...
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    Predictions 2019-20

    East 1.Boston 2.Toronto 3.Tampa 4.Florida (Wild Card) 5.Buffalo 6.Montreal 7.Detroit 8.Ottawa 1.Carolina 2.New Jersey 3.New York Islanders 4.Columbus (Wild Card) 5.Pittsburgh 6.Washington 7.New York Rangers 8.Philadelphia West 1. Vegas 2.Calgary 3.San Jose 4.Vancouver 5.Phoenix 6.Edmonton...
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    Predictions 2018-19

    Remember,I was the only one on the planet who picked Vegas to make the playoffs last year. :smile(21): East (* =wild card) 1.Philadelphia 2.Pittsburgh 3.Washington 4.New York Islanders* 5.New York Rangers* 6.New Jersey 7.Columbus 8.Carolina 1.Boston 2.Toronto 3.Florida 4.Tampa Bay 5.Ottawa...
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    2017-18 Prediction Thread

    Guess its time. Have fun.Here's mine. East 1.Pittsburgh 2.Columbus 3.Carolina 4.New York Islanders* (WC) 5.New York Rangers* 6.Philadelphia 7.Washington 8.New Jersey 1. Toronto 2.Ottawa 3.Buffalo 4.Detroit 5.Tampa Bay 6.Boston 7.Montreal 8.Florida West 1.Anaheim 2.Calgary 3.Arizona 4.Vegas*...
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    Charlie Hodge R.I.P.

    Not sure it was noted anywhere that Charlie Hodge had died. Another one from my childhood,gone. Man, they are dropping..... Charlie had a great run in 63-64 after he replaced an injured Worsley as a 30 year old,making the second all-star team I believe. It was the first year I could watch all...
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    Jimmy Roberts R.I.P.

    It may have already been stated here somewhere, but, for once, this guy deserves his own headline. I heard on the game last night that Jimmy Roberts had died. Only us older posters will really have more than a vague memory of him and a true of appreciation of his career. I saw him play his...