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    Predators re-sign Mike Fisher

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    Kings re-sign Tyler Toffoli

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    J.R. Smith opts out of contract

    Link I've always thought that J.R. Smith was overrated, dating back to when I scouted his team when he was in high school. I'm sure he'll get some unnecessary big bucks, though.
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    Erick Rowan out 6 months

    Link Just when they put him and Harper back together, this happens. Bad timing. Rowan isn't too great by himself, but he was fun with the Wyatt Family, so I was excited to see if he and Luke could capture some of that fire again. Maybe in six months...
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    WWE re-signs Dolph Ziggler

    Link I just hope that they start to use him a little better. I'm not in love with Dolph as much as other people, but he is a good talent. They just...have him doing the same stuff over and over again.
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    Spoiler: Big TNA Return

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    2015 Offseason Moves

    This link will be updating all the trades that happen. I'm sure that there will be another link that will be dedicated to signings. Just in case anyone wants to venture out of their team boards, I figured we could talk about some of the goings on around the league.
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    2015 NHL Draft

    I know that most people here are talking about this in their respective team boards. Just in case anyone wanted to venture out of there, though... Here's the draft order (which will also be updated with the results) - Link
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    Avalanche acquire Carl Soderberg

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    Kings owner considering firing George Karl

    Link What a crazy situation the Kings have become...
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    MMA in New York not looking good

    Link I can't believe that New York won't let MMA in. UFC would probably do a major show at MSG or Barclays and the city would end up seeing some of that money.
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    Low Ki leaves TNA

    Low Ki announced on his Twitter account that he has parted ways with Impact Wrestling. - Link He's been featured kind of heavily lately as part of the Beat Down Clan, so this is a little surprising. Of course, Low Ki has been in and out of TNA a few times. He might be back...
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    2015-2016 Regular season schedules are out!

    Regular season schedules are out! - Link One stop shop for all the schedules.
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    LaMarcus Aldridge leaving Portland?

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    Smackdown - June 25

    Tonight on Syfy at 8/7 C, The Authority is slated to kickoff SmackDown, three days after reuniting with WWE Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins on Monday to lay waste to Brock Lesnar on Raw. What do they have to say about the vicious attack that left The Beast Incarnate motionless in the middle of...
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    NWA Classics 24/7 to launch on July 4

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    2015 NHL Awards

    Link Carey Price cleaned up at the awards just like he cleans up around the net. Nice night for him and the Canadiens!
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    NBA Draft 2015

    First Round 1. Minnesota Timberwolves 2. Los Angeles Lakers 3. Philadelphia 76ers 4. New York Knicks 5. Orlando Magic 6. Sacramento Kings 7. Denver Nuggets 8. Detroit Pistons 9. Charlotte Hornets 10. Miami Heat 11. Indiana Pacers 12. Utah Jazz 13. Phoenix Suns 14. Oklahoma City Thunder 15...
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    NBA Offseason Moves

    Trade Tracker The major stuff can get separate threads. For smaller stuff, we can contain it here. To start... Link