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    2018-2019 Montreal Canadiens

    Well, here we are folks. The draft is over, and with the signing period about to start (players go damn fast in the NHL) - we will soon know exactly what the team will look like in in Sept/Oct. Sure a trade could happen over the next couple weeks, but after that nothing substantive usually...
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    Bergevin's next move?

    Here we are at another critical point for the franchise. By all accounts Bergy has been thrown a lifeline despite already being the GM for 6 years. What do you think his next move will be? You gotta think his career depends on the team getting "better" immediately - and that he doesn't care...
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    Jonathan Drouin

    New thread alert!!! Anyways, here we are at the 50 game or so mark. What are people's thoughts on this guy? Should we be concerned that we gave him a 6 year deal? Is it too early? Is he faltering under pressure? Did we expect too much? Is MB an idiot? Fire away....
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    Who gets traded First?

    With the Habs now fully buried, who do you think gets moved first? I'm gonna go with Pleks and Shaw.
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    At what point do we look at the GM...

    So this is a Debbie Downie post - so I apologize in advance to those that are optimistic. With Marc Bergevin going into another year as the Habs GM and the possibility that the Habs may struggle this season (while having no prospects), what will it take for the Habs upper management to remove...
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    GDT - Preseason Game #5 - Habs vs Leafs - Sept. 25, 2017

    John Lu ✔ @JohnLuTSNMtl #Habs lines vs #Leafs: Pacioretty - Drouin - Gallagher Hudon - Plekanec - Lehkonen Galchenyuk - Danault - Hemsky Byron - De La Rose - Froese Mete - Weber Alzner - Petry Davidson - Benn Montoya Lindgren
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    Habs Games

    I know this has been talked about a number of times before, but does anyone know any feeds that carry Hab games that are compatible with ChromeCast?
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    The Weber situation

    Well here we are folks. The "all in" deal that shipped out Subban for Weber failed and we are now left picking up the peices. Weber just turned 32 years old and Father Time will continue to regress. He had an OK season with 40 some odd points, which was helped by early season PP success...
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    How many points for Radulov (with Therrien as his coach)

    It's cool that we acquired such an offensive talent, but we have to keep in mind who his coach is now. Because of that Radulov will likely finish with between 45-55 points. Therrien simply won't allow him to play his game. Therrien is a real factor here. What is your prediction for Radulov?
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    The Season Begins Now - Jan. 17th, 2016

    Now that this western conference mini swing is over the season starts now. The upcoming months worth of schedule is so easy on paper it almost looks fake. Combine that with the pending return of the MVP, the season starts now! Are you ready?
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    Habs Tickets (Winnipeg - March 5th)

    Not sure if this is against the rules of this forum, but I thought I try here. I am looking to obtain Jets vs Habs tickets for March 5th/2016. Anyone have any good sources? I want stubhub to be a last resort. Thoughts?
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    Kessel vs. Pacioretty 2.0

    Years ago on the Leaf board I had a long-standing debate over the career trajectories of Phil Kessel and Max Pacioretty. I was mocked and even partially (my antics were partly due to my annoyance of this debate) run off the Leafs board because I used a combination of stats and "the eye-test"...
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    OT: The Bolduke

    Hey everyone: I know you've all be missing me and wondering what's been going on with the great CaptainBolduke (just kidding). I'm not sure if I let folks on here know, but we had our second child in May. Isabel and mommy had a good and safe delivery with no complications. Her "older" brother...
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    Will PK win the Norris?

    Many pundits say yes. Hell even our colleagues over on the Leaf board think he should. However, it seems that Hab fans beg to differ. At this point it's likely between Subban, Karlsson and Weber. If plus/minus means anything - Subban wins. Subban is 3 points out of the "D" league in scoring...
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    New Habs fan on the way...

    Adding to the sense of community around here, I am proud to announce that we will be having a little girl in May. My wife, myself and her 2 year old brother are very excited.
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    I think we did this before. However, I assume everyone has an account now. Post your name here if you want to increase your followers. Mine is: @joshuakhenry
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    2014-2015 Habs lineup

    Pacioretty/DD/Gally PAP/Pleks/??? Bourque/Eller/Galchenyuk Prust/Manny/Weise Moen PK Markov Emelin Gilbert Weaver Tinordi NB Price Budaj We don't look that good on paper.
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    Montreal is well coached.

    There, someone said it.
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    Subban -- Pay the man whatever he wants.

    Back the Brinks truck up and let him dive in. Discuss.