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  1. leaffan2005

    OT: Investments

    Not sure if a thread like this exists but if not, figured it would be useful to exchange ideas. I am pretty new to investing but have recently dipped into Suncor and Cineplex stocks (small time stuff, 20-30 shares). Any ideas on ways of improving your investing chops/resources? What are your...
  2. leaffan2005

    Trade Deadline 2018-2019

    Figure we can put everything both domestic and abroad in one thread. Wants: - Top 4 RH D - LW with some speed/jam - 4th line C Make it happens Dubs.
  3. leaffan2005

    An Apology

    Never saw myself as somebody who would make an apology on a hockey forum, but feel like it is warranted. After some reflection, I think I haven't really been myself over the last few months and have been pretty irritable with other posters on the board. On top of that, I've made personal...
  4. leaffan2005

    Sabres @ Leafs - 7:00 PM - TSN4

    Another "just win" scenario. Expect a lot closer of a game than it should be.
  5. leaffan2005

    Red Wings @ Leafs - 7:00 PM - CBC

    Just win baby.
  6. leaffan2005

    GDT - Leafs @ Senators - 7:00 PM

    Maybe we will score 3 goals tonight. One can dream.
  7. leaffan2005

    GDT - Leafs vs Canucks

    Why does Markstrom always play like a demigod against us?
  8. leaffan2005

    Leafs @ VGK - 3:30 PM - SN

    Hopefully the Leafs didn't party too hard last night. I imagine Anderson is in net and Kadri will still be out.
  9. leaffan2005

    Leafs @ Yotes - 9:00 PM - SN

    We get Wedgewood tonight. No excuse not to win this game.
  10. leaffan2005

    Leafs @ Rangers - 7:00 PM EST - CBC

    Just win. Our lord and savior has returned. Lines: Hyman - Matthews - Nylander JVR - Bozak - Marner Marleau - Kadri - Komarov Brown - Moore - Martin Rielly - Hainsey Gardiner - Carrick Borgman - Polak Anderson
  11. leaffan2005

    Leafs @ Canucks- 7:00 PM ET - CBC

    Bozak is out. Should mean we look a lot better tonight. 5-2 Leafs.
  12. leaffan2005

    GDT: BJ's at Leafs, 6 pm, Sportsnet

    Just win baby. ≥1 point means we get a chance to make some noise in the playoffs. A loss and we likely play an extra week of hockey.
  13. leaffan2005

    Leafs @ Kings - 10:30 PM - SNO

    Didn't see a thread yet so figured I would start one. Tonight will be tough but I am looking for a good effort from the boys in a hostile environment. Bernier in net. GO LEAFS GO!
  14. leaffan2005

    Ducks @ Leafs - 7:30 PM - TSN4

    BIG, BIG, BIG game tonight. I think people will start taking this team a bit more seriously if they knock off the league-leading Ducks in front of the home crowd. Will be a tough game, even with the Ducks missing Corey Perry. Bernier starting tonight, still no Leo (as far as I've heard). Go...
  15. leaffan2005

    Detroit @ Toronto (7:00 PM - CBC)

    Another home game. Just win.