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  1. Isaac25

    Josh Anderson signs 7 x $5.5m

    this dude has a unique skill set, absolutely blows by defenders.
  2. Isaac25

    Rumours, Innuendos and Flat out B.S.: 2019-20 Edition

    I see Byron being shipped to hometown Ottawa...helps them get the cap floor.
  3. Isaac25

    Domi + 3rd pick for Anderson

    The year before he scored 27 he was on pace for close to the same totals. If he can score 22, ram dudes into dust, kill penalties and create a ton of turnovers we’ll be a much better team...
  4. Isaac25

    Domi + 3rd pick for Anderson

    Not upset one bit to see the sulking, petulant son of a meathead shipped off...Anderson is big, nasty and fast so big time upgrade.
  5. Isaac25

    Habs select Cole Caufield 15th overall

    Kid deserves his own thread. Love this pick! Kid’s got some swagger and is solely focused on playing in the league ASAP which is refreshing...
  6. Isaac25

    Protected List - Expansion Draft Thread

    Who do we protect? 67 11 27 24 41 6 26 28
  7. Isaac25

    Shea Weber

    I just wanted a place to talk about Weber without the guy we traded to get him. I have been so impressed with this guy. I did not watch a ton of Preds games in the past and so I was not certain what kind of a player he'd be night after night. Wow! This guy is a bad ass mother****er! His...
  8. Isaac25

    Opening night lines...who you got 2016-2017?

    Max-Chuck-BG Lehkonen-Pleks-Rad Carr-DD-Shaw Danault-Mitch-Byron Nate-Weber Markov-Petry Emelin-Pateryn Don't like DD on this team but don't see any other options at this point.