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  1. zeke

    GDT #55 MAY 12 8PM - Fucking Fred

    Guessing at the lines: Foligno - Matthews - Marner Galchenyuk - Tavares - Nylander Mikheyev - Kerfoot - Engvall Thornton - Spezza - Simmonds Rielly - Brodie Muzzin - Holl Hutton - Dermott FRED
  2. zeke

    The Motherfucking 2021 Playoffs Thread

  3. zeke

    GDT #54 MAY 8 HNIC - Clinch for me not for thee

    Not much to play for but both teams are a point away from a clinch - us for first them for playoffs. I still want them to finish ahead of TB and COL so hopefully they win out these last 3.
  4. zeke

    GDT #53 MAY 6 7PM - no clinch tonight

    GameDay Lines:
  5. zeke

    GDT #52 MAY 3 7PM - French Defense

  6. zeke

    GDT #51 MAY 1 HNIC - Therapist

  7. zeke

    GDT #50 APR 29 7:30 - fukking nucks

    The most annoying thing this year is our 3-3-1 record against this shita$$ team. When we have an overwhelming winning record against every other team. Sure it's mostly been goalie effects on both ends but still....nowhere near good enough. We best be winning both these last 2gms against them...
  8. zeke

    GDT #49 APR 28 8PM - French Toast

    Dom is on vacation so GSVA hasn't been updated in 2 weeks but here it is anyways:
  9. zeke

    GDT #48 APR 24 HNIC - Jolly Gudpro Saint Nicholas driving that Leafs Sleigh

    Now Auston, now Marner, now Johnny and William! On Rielly, On Brodie, On Holl-y and Muzzin! To the top of the North, to the top of the League! Now smash away, now smash away, smash away all!
  10. zeke

    GDT #47 APR 22 7pm - 90s Magic

  11. zeke

    GDT #45 APR 18 7PM - Covid Roulette

    Pretty sure these are the lineups:
  12. zeke

    GDT #44 APR 15 7PM - time to put the peg in winnipeg

    Missing an entire elite 1st line tonight.....
  13. zeke

    GDT #43 APR 13 7PM - Thus begins the Chronicles of Rittich

    Flames lines confirmed - won't know leafs lines til gametime:
  14. zeke

    GM #42 APR 12 7PM - Go Time

  15. zeke

    GDT #40 - APR 7, 7:30 - a little more Schtroumpf

    4th game in 6 nights is gonna make this tough, especially against a good possession team like the Habs. Hopefully the 5 goals last night are a sign of an incoming offensive hot streak because our elite talent just going off would really make the next couple weeks of tough sledding a helluva lot...
  16. zeke

    GDT #39 APR5 9:30 - embers

    Looks like same lineups for both, but new goalies.
  17. zeke

    GDT #38 APR 4 9PM - Sutter Hockey

    A win here puts us 1 point back of the league leaders with the same number of games played as TB and FLA but with COL having one game in hand.
  18. zeke

    GDT 37 APR 1 8pm - Helle and the buyckin Jets

    A nice clean win here would wipe out most of the bad taste of that losing streak and create some nice separation in the division again - getting us up near a 115pt pt pace while MTL/WPG/EDM would be around a 100pt pace. Lineups look the same for both teams:
  19. zeke

    GDT 36 MAR 31 - Helle and the Jets

    You wouldn't know it from the mood in leafs nation, but we're actually on a nice little run since Fred went out. Season series so far: 2-2-0 3.50 Expected Goals For 60 .921 WPG SV% (Helle all 4gms) 3.00 Goals For 60 2.08 Expected Goals Against 60 .882 TOR SV% (Fred all 4gms) 3.24 Goals For 60...