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  1. worm

    World Juniors 2021

    Caufield with 2 goals to start off the exhibition games
  2. worm

    MB and the Roster

    I will probably need some help with this... Lets see how players were acquired by MB (note players that were trade for and then re-signed count as a trade) Drouin (trade) Domi (trade) Byron (waivers) Tatar (trade) Danault (trade) Gallagher (pre MB) Lehkonen (draft) KK (draft) Armia...
  3. worm

    Rebuild Update

    We did not get Hughes. But still we did add a top 10 talent. PROSPECTS A quick review of the prospects we already had. Starting with the previous rebuild (2012) The Good ----------- KK - 34 points at barely 18 years old - this was probably the best case scenario. Suzuki - from the maxpac...
  4. worm

    The Price is Wrong

    Price needs to be better.
  5. worm

    4 years from now - tank nation lives

    I hear lots of people comparing JK to Barkov development. So his 5th year will be a breakout. So what do we have.... Drouin is 27 on his last year at $5.5m Tatar is 31 Shaw is 31 Gallagher is 30 Domi is 27 Danault is 29 Pleks is back in europe Armia is 29 Peca is 29 Byron is 33 and on the...
  6. worm

    Rebuilding: Where do we go from here?

    So with Max gone and an obvious sign the rebuild is going full speed what else do we have to trade. I am going to assume Weber (hurt and big contract) is going nowhere. Price will need to rebound to even have a shot of being traded with that contract. So with those two eliminated what do we...
  7. worm

    Where are we in 3 years?

    Where are we 3 years from now? Goaltending =========== Probably Still on the Team --------------------------- Carey Price (34 years old) - He might not be the best goalie in the league but I would expect him to be a top 10 goalie. - Might be trade potential here if the young goalies show...
  8. worm


    Character and attitude. 7 years ago things were looking up. A bottom team would turn it around in the lockout shortened season. You had Max Pac doing Max Pac things. You have Price there (it was actually a down year for him but he would soon become elite). Subban was winning the Norris. 18...
  9. worm

    The 2003 Draft

    Count gave me this idea. Remember Akos? 2003 was a great draft but a lot of the players seemed to have slipped up or are now just too old. 1. MAF - Seems to be doing great now. Playoffs though.... 2. Staal - He looked to be at the tail end but a great rebound this year and is back up to PPG...
  10. worm

    Post Deadline Habs

    So what do the lines look like?
  11. worm

    Now vs Pre all star last year.

    Save % - 6th .917 - vs 25th .903 massive improvement even with Price not being typical lately GF/G - 7th 3.02 vs 10th 2.66 Improvement but not massive GA/G - 6th - 2.47 vs 11th - 2.66 Better Shots for per game 14th - 30.1 vs 4th at 31.8 a bit of a decline Shots against per game 20th 29.7...
  12. worm


    What is it going to take to sign this guy?
  13. worm

    Thread of Game of Thrones (spoilers inside)

    boring GoT episode thought for sure we were going to see inside the Tower of Joy - but my guess is they need to set up why that is important
  14. worm

    Looking at the East Standings

    How the hell? - are the habs still in a playoff spot - do the habs still have a +10 GF/GA - are the habs still only 4 points out of second in the division Holy crap look at the Caps - 71 points with the next closest in the east at 57 (hawks "only" have 66) Of the 4 teams that were supposed to...
  15. worm


    Stole from hair. Pacioretty - Desharnais - Parenteau Galchenyuk - Plekanec - Gallagher Bourque - Eller - Sekac Prust - Malhotra - Weise (Bournival/Moen) Emelin - Subban Markov - Gilbert Beaulieu - Weaver (Tinordi) Price Tokarski First line: Curious how this line does with...
  16. worm

    Round 1 Recap

    The three players that have had so-so playoffs in the past....Markov, Pleks, Price. Thought Markov and Pleks were amazing. Great series by them. Price was just okay. The good news is Price can still step up. The shocking....Rene and Eller - amazing to have those two going like that. Prust I...
  17. worm

    Anything Screwy Happening With The Site

    im in a time warp!