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  1. Kritter

    HeX Editor

    Has anyone ever used a Hex editor before? I have an old game i want to play and it keeps on crashing.. found a solution but have to download and use a hex editor.
  2. Kritter


    Does anyone here use Thunderbird email? Would like to hear from anyone that uses it, and maybe compare its user-friendly-ness to outlook? I have been an outlook user forever... I am just so use to everything about it.
  3. Kritter

    Need PC nerd help

    I found a bunch of older pc games and want to install a few. one of them wants me to install an older version of direct x (direct x 5)...i run games now that use direct x 9 and 10.... would installing 5 override what i have and screw shit up on my computer? would installing 5 just be for that...
  4. Kritter

    Email/Phone Scams

    I have reached a boiling point... The last 6 months has been ridiculous the number of email and phone scams i have been dealing with. And none of them are anywhere remotely intelligent.... This morning might have been the worst yet... Visa scam.. Both my wife and i have a couple of Visa's...
  5. Kritter

    Setting rosters

    Can we get a show of hands of people that would not be opposed to changing the league to daily roster settings? I am curious. I would not be opposed to have the league set rosters daily.
  6. Kritter

    2016 Draft - Thursday, Sept. 8 @ 9:30pm EST

    when? where? draft order?
  7. Kritter

    Gord Downie Diagnosed With Terminal Brain Cancer

    http://m.music.cbc.ca/blogs/2016/5/Courage-my-word-Tragically-Hips-Gord-Downie-reveals-terminal-brain-cancer-diagnosis Gut wrenching.
  8. Kritter

    OT- bbq smokers

    Anyone own one? Was going to buy one this summer and then proceeded to price them, read reviews on them....etc Faaak I saw on "Good Eats" once, Alton Brown made one with basically $50 worth of stuff you can go out and buy in half an hour. Seen them sold at retail anywhere from $189-$1500. As...
  9. Kritter

    Trade History

    June 5th/2015 HP trades: Eddie Lack – CAR / round 1 #14 (2015)-Kyle Connor – WIN / round 3 #43 (2015) Christian Fischer - ARI Kritter trades : Ryan O’Reilly – BUF / round 4 #63 (2015) Roope Hintz - DAL June 6th/2015 MindZ trades: James Wisnieski - CAR HP trades: Markus Grandlund – CAR / Alex...
  10. Kritter

    Player movement on your team

    Would like to know what players from your FI team changed teams in the NHL. Also rate the bonus or negative of the change. For me: Etem to Rangers. Love love love this. Slow start to his career and hoping change of scenery does him some good. Marincin to Leafs. Again, love love this. Reinhart...
  11. Kritter

    Draft Chatter

    Can we get the draft pick situation updated ?
  12. Kritter

    Is there an accountant in the house?

    Is anyone here an accountant and has full understanding of taxable rates for a business when shipping to other provinces? I recently just shipped to a new customer in the Yukon, i've never shipped there, and had no clue what to charge them for tax so I went online to find out. There were 3...
  13. Kritter

    Jean Belliveau signed card

    A friend of mine is selling a signed Belliveau card he got from Belliveau at a charity tournament in Nova Scotia a while back. It was signed to my friends son "spenser" Anyone interested pm me. I asked Habsy's permission to do this in case anyone is wondering.
  14. Kritter


    The Riverview Ramblers trade EJ Manuel and their 5th round pick to The Alaska Alphamales for Alfred Morris
  15. Kritter

    Health question

    I was reading about medium chain tryglycerides the other day. And specifically coconut oil. Was totally blown away by the extensive uses of coconut oil. Kind of surprised it isn't more mainstream My brother in law is a vegan and I tried coconut oil there and I was impressed. Anyways, I was...
  16. Kritter

    NFL Keeper League

    Anyone interested in doing an NFL keeper/dynasty league here like the hockey and baseball ones?
  17. Kritter

    ot: Outlook question

    Hey guys I have outlook 2010 Heading out of town for a week and wont have access to my email. I would like to set it up so that when I receive an email it automatically sends a reply that I wont be back in my office until such and such a date. Anyone know how I can do that?