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  1. northernlou

    Bought the Car ... ...

    So it went like this. For starters, I bought an Acura TSX - new - back in 2005. Was a very good car and drove it 12 years. A record for me and maybe anyone....For the past couple of years I was convinced I'd go Acura again, but this time for the new TLX model that bumped off the TL and TSX that...
  2. northernlou

    Hey kids...........

    Well boys and girls I've been away and hardly online lately. I mean, I had to read it on this forum that Bill Paxton died on Sat. So no news, no politics and light coverage of the Habs has been my recent path. I've gotten busy with all kinds of shit, none of it bad....but shit like meetings and...
  3. northernlou

    With executive orders, Trump embraces time-honored power move

    With executive orders, Trump embraces time-honored power move President Donald Trump is giving the country a crash course in the use of executive orders. He's signed them so frequently, and with such flourish, and on such a wide array of issues, that it can seem as if he's found some new...
  4. northernlou

    How Losing My Political Values Helped Me Gain My Freedom

    How Losing My Political Values Helped Me Gain My Freedom There's a frustrating game that the left plays with conservatives. It's an Alinksy tactic called, "Make them live up to their values." Now, living up to one's values isn't a bad thing, but setting high standards ultimately means that...
  5. northernlou

    School Choice

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could extent the benefits of the 'fair chance and fair shot' mantra to even inner city poor kids? Imagine as a parent, having a bright kid with all the potential of having a better life than you could ever provide...by getting your kid an education at a better and more...
  6. northernlou

    Clintons Shutter Global Initiative as Donations Dry Up

    Clintons Shutter Global Initiative as Donations Dry Up The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) filed a WARN — Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification — with New York State’s Department of Labor on Thursday, announcing that, effective April 15, 2017, it would be closing its doors and laying...
  7. northernlou

    Lesbian couple faked hate crime and destroyed own home with arson

    Tennessee lesbian couple faked hate crime and destroyed own home with arson for insurance claim, jury rules A lesbian couple faked a hate crime that left their home a pile of charred rubble at their Venore, Tenn., property in 2010, local reports said. An insurance company caught on to the...
  8. northernlou

    Trudeau said Trump 'very supportive' of Keystone XL pipeline

    Canada's Trudeau said Trump 'very supportive' of Keystone XL pipeline http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/canadas-trudeau-said-trump-very-supportive-of-keystone-xl-pipeline/ar-BBxpRb4?li=AAggNb9&ocid=mailsignout
  9. northernlou

    Donald Trump’s New World Order/What a Kissinger-inspired strategy might look like.

    Donald Trump’s New World Order What a Kissinger-inspired strategy might look like. Ten days after the election of Donald J. Trump to be the 45th President of the United States, there is a more or less complete lack of certainty as to which direction his foreign policy will take, but a great...
  10. northernlou

    Useful Links when you got nothing else ... HABS streams

    Like live streams for the Habs http://habsonlinetv.blogspot.ca/
  11. northernlou

    Why the World Is Rebelling Against ‘Experts’

    Why the World Is Rebelling Against ‘Experts’ An unconventional, sometimes incoherent, resistance arises to the elites who keep explaining why changes that hurt the middle class are actually for its own good. The Great Rebellion is on and where it leads nobody knows. Its expressions range from...
  12. northernlou

    Just a little Election 16' - Comic Relief

    this kid is pretty good. Impersonates some of 2016 Prez candidates in his Grad speech. ... Trump, Cruz, Clinton, Sanders....and the Bamster. And non partisan too. Just some fun. :banana https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0khR11eRvfQ
  13. northernlou

    Congrats to the Stanley Cup winning Pens and their boisterous FI posters

    pffft.....here comes the silent treatment for being an outsider.
  14. northernlou

    Muhammad Ali Dead at 74

    Muhammad Ali on life support as family is warned 'the end is near' The children of the sporting icon have rushed to be at his bedside as doctors treating the former heavyweight champ have told them they fear he “is near the end” Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is in intensive care embroiled in his...
  15. northernlou

    We Found It — The Most Racist Ad Of 2016

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq-I0JRhvt4 https://www.buzzfeed.com/beimengfu/we-found-it-the-most-racist-ad-of-2016?utm_term=.eqOxL4a5LX#.fiW7yqX5yE
  16. northernlou

    The smug style in American liberalism

    The smug style in American liberalism There is a smug style in American liberalism. It has been growing these past decades. It is a way of conducting politics, predicated on the belief that American life is not divided by moral difference or policy divergence — not really — but by the failure...
  17. northernlou

    GDT: Tampa Bay Lightning @ Canadiens - Sat Apr 9 - 2016 - 7:00 pm ET

    Preview: Tampa Bay at Montreal 7:00 PM ET, Saturday, April 9, 2016 Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec Jonathan Drouin made an impact in his first game since December with the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday while recording the game-winning goal. The former third-overall draft pick looks to...
  18. northernlou

    GDT: Canadiens @ Carolina Hurricanes - Thurs Apr 7 - 7:00 pm ET

    Preview: Montreal at Carolina 7:00 PM ET, Thursday, April 7, 2016 PNC Arena, Raleigh, North Carolina A season that began with such immense promise is nearing a merciful end for the Montreal Canadiens, who will play their final road game with a visit to the Carolina Hurricanes on Thursday...
  19. northernlou

    GDT: Canadiens @ Florida Panthers - Sat Apr 2 - 7:00 pm ET

    Preview: Montreal at Florida 7:00 PM ET, Saturday, April 2, 2016 BB&T Center, Sunrise, Florida The Florida Panthers can break the franchise record for wins in a season and solidify their hold on first place in the Atlantic Division when they host the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday. The...
  20. northernlou

    GDT: Canadiens @ Tampa Bay Lightning - Thurs Mar 31 - 7:30 pm ET

    Preview: Montreal at Tampa Bay 7:30 PM ET, Thursday, March 31, 2016 Amalie Arena, Tampa, Florida The Montreal Canadiens already have made an impact on the Eastern Conference playoff race this week, and they will have a big hand in deciding the Atlantic Division champion over the final five...