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  1. Deckie007

    2020 Season Trade Thread

    Bunch of stuff has happened, so let's post. (Deckie & Matrim) Seth Lugo Nathan Eovaldi for 2020 Draft Pick Round 4 (Bash Brothers) 2020 Draft Pick Round 5 (Matrim) (Deckie & Tully) Brandon Workman for 2021 Draft Pick Round 4 (Nuke LaLoosh) Rowan Wick (Deckie & Killersweet) Jameson...
  2. Deckie007

    2020 Draft Lotto

    Pre-Draft Odds (balls/total): Iceman (5/15) Bad News Bears (4/15) Bull (3/15) Hairnova (2/15) Axl (1/15) Draft Results FI MLB Dynasty Lineup card: (Click on the pick to reveal the team) Pick 1: Bull (had 3 balls) Pick 2: Iceman (had 5 balls) Pick 3: Hairnova (had 2 balls) Pick 4...
  3. Deckie007

    2020 Check-In Thread

    Seeing how we're already adding two new managers to the league, let's make sure everyone else is coming back before we move forward and have to replace someone else. Confirmed: Deckie - PAID & Protected List Posted axlsalinger - PAID & Protected List Posted hairnova - PAID & Protected List...
  4. Deckie007

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Looks like we need two replacements. Bad News Bears and Stubby (?) seemed to have left the league. Anyone have a friend they want to invite?
  5. Deckie007

    2019/2020 NHL Trade Block

    Looking for a good starting goalie. Very flexible on the ask, let's get something done here.
  6. Deckie007

    Happy Birthday Mindz!

    For realz this time. Also, Jonas loves you (sorry).
  7. Deckie007

    Poll: Red Flag enough for DL Stint?

    What say you? Yay or Nay? Majority rules. To be clear, this means if the player is injured you can place him on the IR(DL) even if he's not designated on the DL by the club yet. Poll will run until March 24th or until a majority vote is reached.
  8. Deckie007

    GDT #70 - Leafs vs Phony Ponies

    Get it.
  9. Deckie007

    Hey Nerds - Part Eleventy: Alternate Mobile Carriers

    Looking to save some cash by switching to one of the lower cost carriers. Freedom, Koodo or Chatr. Need 4GB data with texting. Talk isn't a huge priority. Going to bring my own phone. Anyone have experience with these guys?
  10. Deckie007

    2019 Protected Lists

    5 round draft, with 5 team lottery. Remainder of draft reverse order of finish (non-serpentine) Teams able to protect 20 MLBers and all eligible MiLBers (150 GP limit for position players, 50 GP limit for pitchers) on their MiLB roster, due 3 days before the commencement of the draft. Maximum 3...
  11. Deckie007

    2019 Season Trade Thread

    From Deckie Myers, Wil 3B,LF - SD Kemp, Matt LF,RF - CIN 2019 Draft Pick, Round 2 (Deckie) From Tully Renfroe, Hunter LF,RF - SD Fry, Jace RP - CHW 2019 Draft Pick, Round 1 (Action Jackson)
  12. Deckie007

    Leafs vs Panthers GDT#35: Zeke You Lazy Git

    Shamelessly stolen from mapleleafhotstove.com Toronto Maple Leafs Projected Lines Forwards #18 Andreas Johnsson – #34 Auston Matthews – #24 Kasperi Kapanen #11 Zach Hyman – #91 John Tavares – #16 Mitch Marner #18 Patrick Marleau – #43 Nazem Kadri – #29 William Nylander #63 Tyler Ennis – #26...
  13. Deckie007

    NHL Dynasty 2018-19 Trade Thread

    Let's christen this bitch Deckie trades: William Nylander :eek6: to Matrim for Ryan Ellis 2018 Mindz 3rd 2018 Jonas 3rd --- Deckie trades: Adam Mascherin 2018 Deckie 3rd to TJF for Patrick Marleau Justin Williams
  14. Deckie007

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    First some business to take care of: Payouts have been made. Due to the loss of one team last year - and our lack of adjustments to the structure we ended up with this (keeping percentages the same from 2016): Montana - $432 (60%) UW - $158 (22%) Green Hornets - $93 (13%) Hairnova - $37 (5%)...
  15. Deckie007

    Game 8/82 GDT: Leafs @ Sens, 7:00pm HNIC

    Happy 75th Lou! :party: Leafs morning skate in Ottawa Hyman-Matthews-Nylander Marleau-Kadri-Komarov JvR-Bozak-Brown Martin-Moore-Marner Leivo, Fehr Gardiner-Zaitsev Rielly-Hainsey Borgman-Carrick Rosen Andersen starts
  16. Deckie007

    2017-18 Hockey Trade Thread

    Let's break the cherry on this one... Deckie trades: Victor Rask Tanner Kero Deckie 2017 2nd Round Pick to: Tully78 (Silence Eichel you!) for Josh Morrisey Jaren McCann Bull 2017 1st round Pick
  17. Deckie007

    2017-18 FI Hockey Entry Draft - Complete

    Start date TBA Round 1 1. Numba 1 Stunna (Blueman)(from Silence! Eichel You!) - Nico Hischier 2. Ferg Stajan a comeback? (from Deckie) - Nolan Patrick 3. Ferg Stajan a comeback? - Cale Makar 4. BG - Gabriel Vilardi 5. Ferg Stajan a comeback? (from TimHorton) - Timothy Liljegren 6. Volcano -...
  18. Deckie007

    2016-17 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Edit: Let's use the 1st post of this thread to list all the Off-Season Details. * Entry Fee: $40 forumicedynasty@hotmail.com (email transfer or Paypal) * Keeper Lists Due Sunday, June 25 - 20 Keepers, 25 Minor Leaguers, 5 Unprotected * Find Replacement Manager for Team Devon (PBH), or...
  19. Deckie007

    New Manager Draft - Done

    Available to be picked: All unprotected players All of Timmy's remaining assets All FA with the exception of players drafted/signed after March 2016 thru the MLB Draft / IFA. If you aren't sure just ask. 1. Nuke Laloosh - Jedd Gyorko (from Axl) 2. dbdeuce - Corey Dickerson (from Matrim) 3...