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  1. tuckered

    GDT #51: JAN 29 7:30 - Leafs @ Stars

    Remember last time you had a dumb hot take like this in game you looked like an idiot not far afterwards. Hope it happens again.
  2. tuckered

    Hey NERDS - IPTV edition

    I've used Beast TV - tons of buffering and not super reliable in my opinion. I use a service called Jarvis, its been pretty good so far but its not easy to sign up for as they have a backlog they are working through.
  3. tuckered

    Around the League 2019-2020 Edition

    I think in this instance, only you don't know what you're talking about.
  4. tuckered

    Around the League 2019-2020 Edition

    Yeah except he singled out Mississauga and Toronto, so we know exactly what he was talking about.
  5. tuckered

    Well, this is....different

    There's a button at the top that says "Mark all forums read" hit that and it will unbold everything