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  1. K

    Totally OT-audio repair tech

    Amp is a Conrad Johnson and speakers are big ole' Energy (probably the weakest link in the chain). Thanks
  2. K

    Totally OT-audio repair tech

    In the past have seen some of you folks post about some pretty high end audio gear. I am in need of a rec for someone to repair a Musical Fidelity CD player and an Audio Research tube pre-amp. My last experience with Audio Advice was somewhat lacking. TIA
  3. K

    OT: Movies/TV Shows

    If anyone is a Guy Ritchie fan, check out the limited series "The Gentleman" on Netflix. Classic Ritchie very dark humor, twists and violence.
  4. K

    "All Hurricane" team?

    I see what you did there.....🤣
  5. K

    GDT: Canes v. Rangers 5/16 7:00

    I'm convinced we were jinxed as Bettman was in the building.
  6. K

    GDT: Canes v. Rangers 5/16 7:00

    They seem to have forgotten that good things happen when you rush the net
  7. K

    GDT: Canes v. Rangers 5/16 7:00

    The TNT guys are being more NY homerish than normal
  8. K

    GDT: Canes v. Rangers 5/11 7:00

    Can't seem to find the offensive intensity of the 1st and too many mistakes
  9. K

    GDT: Canes v. Rangers 5/9 7:00

    I must be in a alternate universe-Biznasty just gushed about Svech
  10. K

    GDT: Canes @ Islanders 4/27 2:00

    Not to rehash the downfall, but as I truly want to learn the nuances of the game. It seemed like we were resorting to many instances of dump and chase to get the pick into the o-zone, which tended to result in turnovers. One of the times Necas actually skated the puck in we scored. Of course, a...
  11. K

    GDT: Canes @ Islanders 4/27 2:00

    Penalties for the fight?
  12. K

    GDT: Canes @ Islanders 4/27 2:00

    It seems like we never start on time for these afternoon games. Can't pass or forecheck.
  13. K

    GDT: Canes v. Islanders 4/22 7:30

    Can we buy a goal please!!!
  14. K

    GDT: Canes v. Islanders 4/22 7:30

    They are going to the net-we are not. And our defensive gaffs are bad
  15. K

    Sinclair/Ballys/ESPN/TNT ... broadcasting access, tips and notes

    Ok-broadcasting rant here. I just got off the phone trying to talk my 93 yr old father through how to watch the playoff games. He's in Ohio on Spectrum, and trying to explain to him that tonight is on TBS and Monday is on ESPN2 and Thur is back to TBS is just beyond mind boggling. Let's try to...
  16. K

    2023-24 Canes Misc Thread

    Anyone else notice that there are a whole lot more resale seats up on Ticketmaster than there were two days ago?????
  17. K

    2023-24 NHL Misc. Thread

    ok-face palm. I totally missed that there are more games on Thursday! Not used to us not playing till the last minute.
  18. K

    2023-24 NHL Misc. Thread

    Am I correct in thinking that the only hold up is the Oilers game tonight? If the Oilers win, would it change the Western matchups?
  19. K

    GDT: Canes v. Blue Jackets 4/7 5:00

    So I know they're tired as it's the 3rd game in 4 days. But there's a lot of mishandled pucks and passes to no where.