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2019-Whenever Misc. Grab Bag Thread

Paulie Walnuts

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NCSU - VT game at PNC Sat is cancelled . They might be able to find a team to replace VT Syracuse is off this weekend but they beat NCSU twice . They might agree to a 3rd game here


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I don't like Chicago style pizza. My least favorite part of a pizza is the sauce. Chunky tomato sauce to the extreme? My taste buds and heartburn say no thanks.


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Piccola Italia in Camero...errr!...Village District (the new name still cracks me up with its unintentionally hilariously over the top genericness), right? That place is good too. A Raleigh institution. My wife used to eat lunch there all the time when she worked at that library. In fact, we may even had a NYE dinner or two there before we headed out on the town. I know, we're so fancy.
Yes, Cameron Village.
Had a late dinner there w/ some old friends of mine and my wife the night we got married after dust of the day settled. Long damned day.
Back in school or right after I graduated, a bunch of us went to dinner there. We had already eaten. Mushrooms! They kicked in good after we ordered. Got our dinners and just sat laughing away. Could not touch the food. I could see Frank peering over the glass with a 'wazza the mattah with these kids?" look on his face.


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When I turned 18 in 1978, we started the summer drinking Molson Golden for about $2.35 a 6 pack. We stepped down to Miller’s version of Loewenbrau at about $1.80 a 6 pack. But the end of the summer we were drinking Beer. Generic beer in a pony bottle, with a label that came off easily when wet, brewed in a grubby brewery in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It was only sold at A&P supermarkets and was $0.99 a 6 pack. There was a bar we hung out at that sold Genesee Cream Ale for $0.40 a mug.
Anyone remember Maximus Super? A friend in our circle would shotgun those babies. Was a freak!


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From 65 to 67 I was stationed in Sanford, Florida.
we’d get our beer on base for like $3/case and fill our cars up. Then we’d go to Daytona, note beer was allowed on the beach for a while. We’d sell a bunch of it for double, triple what we payed for it. We’d also sell our old work shirts and dungarees.
that would usually pay for our weekend.


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Saw a post that Master of Puppets was released 35 years ago this week. Damn. I’m old!
Saw Metallica touring it opening for Ozzy. Blew away Ozzy’s band. Simple stage set also. Two crosses either side of Lars.
I known what my pedaling tunes are tonight!
\m/ \m/ on!

Paulie Walnuts

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for first time since 1954 start of ACC , NCSU,Duke,WF and UNC are all not in the top 4 ACC tourney seeds. 66 year streak is over

also Duke won't get a NCAA bid unless they win ACC touney. First time since 95 no bid First time no bid with K since 1983. He was out with back surgery in 95
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