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2020-21 Season Draft Thread - Done

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Lottery order:

1 - 35% Zero to Shero
2 - 20% Fergy
3 - 15% Habspatrol
4 - 10% Eakin it Out
5 - 8% BG
6 - 6% Zero to Shero (from Frosty Hyman)
7 - 4% Axlsalinger
8 - 2% Axlsalinger (from Tully)

For #1

image (1).png

For #2

image (2).png
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Couple of notes:

- Once the draft starts you cannot trade anyone you did not protect
- The maximum amount of unprotected players you can lose is 3

New order:
(Rounds 2-4 revert to reverse order of topped up standings)

Round 1

Eakin It Out - Alexis Lafreniere
Axlsalinger - Quinton Byfield
Zero to Shero - Tim Stützle
Fergy - Marco Rossi
Habspatrol - Cole Perfetti
BG - Lucas Raymond
Zero to Shero (from Frosty Hyman) - Jamie Drysdale
Axsalinger (from Tully) - Alexander Holtz
Tully (from Habsy) - Jake Sanderson
Garden Gnomes - Seth Jarvis
Markett - Yaroslav Askarov
LM101 - Rodion Amirov
Tully (from Blueman) - Jack Quinn
Habsy (from Jonas) - Hendrix Lapierre
Habsy (from Deckie) - Anton Lundell
Frosty Hyman (from Matrim) - Lucas Reichel
Deckie (from Thunder) - Connor Zary
Zero to Shero (from Green Hornets) - Dawson Mercer
Zero to Shero (from Kritter) - Ty Foerster

Round 2

Zero to Shero - Dylan Holloway
Fergy - Noel Gunler
BG (from Habspatrol) - Mavrik Bourque
Eakin It Out - Jacob Perreault
BG - Brendan Brisson
Frosty Hyman - Jake Neighbors
Habsy (from Axlsalinger) - Ozzy Wiesblatt
LM101 (from Tully) - Jan Mysak
Habsy - Ridley Greig
Garden Gnomes - Yegor Chinakhov
JCanham (from Killersweet) - Braden Schneider
LM101 - John-Jason Peterka
Habsy (from Blueman (new owner) - Kaiden Guhle
Jonas - Sam Colangelo
Deckie - Roni Hirvonen
Deckie (from Matrim (new owner)) - Shakir Mukhamadullin
Tully (from Thunder) - Jeremie Poirier
Zero to Shero (from Green Hornets) - Justin Barron
Kritter - Martin Chromiak

Round 3

Zero to Shero - JT Compher (from Tully)
Deckie (from Fergy) - Carter Savoie
Habsy (from Habspatrol) - Petr Mrazek (from Eakin it Out)
Eakin It Out - Thomas Bordeleau
BG - Helge Grans
Eakin it Out (from Frosty Hyman) - William Wallander
Axlsalinger - Marat Khusnutdinov
Kritter (from Tully) - Daniel Torgersson
Habsy - Luke Tuch
Garden Gnomes - Mikko Lehtonen
Markett - Emil Andrae
LM101 - Zion Nybeck
Fergy (from Blueman (new owner) - Daniel Gushchin
Zero to Shero (from Jonas) - Drew Commesso
JCanaham (from Deckie) - Ty Smilanic
Fergy (from Matrim (new owner)) - Veeti Miettenen
Jonas (from Thunder) - Gage Goncalves
Thunder (from Green Hornets) - Derek Stepan (from Markett)
Garden Gnomes (from Kritter) - William Villeneuve

Round 4

Deckie (from Zero to Shero) - Pius Suter
Fergy - Jordan Greenway
Habspatrol - Luke Evangelista
Eakin It Out - Topi Niemela
BG - Andreas Athanasiou (from Garden Gnomes)
Thunder (from Frosty Hyman) - Brian Dumoulin (from HP)
Axlsalinger - Mike Matheson (from Iceman)
Thunder (from Tully) - Vladislav Namestnikov
Kritter (from Habsy) - Ryan O'Rourke
Garden Gnomes - Olli Maatta (from GH)
Iceman (from Killersweet) - Sam Bennett
LM101 - Nino Niederreiter
Green Hornets (from Blueman) - Travis Hamonic
Habspatrol (from Jonas) - Zayde Wisdom
Kritter (from Deckie) - Roby Jarventie
Iceman (from Matrim) - Ryan Francis
Tully (from Thunder) - Black Lizotte
Green Hornets - Joonas Donskoi
Kritter - Yan Kuznetsov
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First overall, I'm taking:Lafreniere-Repêchage-NHL-EN-1024x576.jpg

And leaving you with the 100% true etymology of his surname.



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The Axlsalingers would like to thank the Habsy's for hosting this draft, and congratulate Kritter for winning last year's championship.

With the 2nd overall pick, The Axlsalingers are proud to select, from the Los Angeles Kings ... QUINTON BYFIELD.



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At 4th overall, Ferg doesn't bust Kaps is proud to select:

Marco Roidsy..... er Rossi. Don't get caught pal.



Markett’s Hockey Club is proud to select with the eleventh pick of the 2020 draft, from the SKA St. Petersburg, Iaroslav Askarov.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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Markett’s Hockey Club is proud to select with the eleventh pick of the 2020 draft, from the SKA St. Petersburg, Iaroslav Askarov.
Yup. I think everyone that knows me here knows he was gone if still there at my two upcoming picks. Nice pick.
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