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2021 Playoff Thread | Round 2 | Habs/Jets


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Scheifele played almost all of game 1 and made no difference to the outcome. Jets fans are delusional if they believe that this series would have gone any differently than it has had he played. They are so bad on so many levels. It goes well beyond Scheifele being there or not.
It's hard to quantify this event. For sure, it would have made the Jets's lives easier, considering the other injuries. If the Jets had played their ass off but couldn't finish, I'd argue it did play into their misfortune.

But they were so flat some nights, you wondered how badly they wanted it. I mean, game 4, you’re up against the wall, and you shoot 16 times on net while letting the other team shoot almost 40 times? Doesn't strike me as a team that really wanted it, unless the habs have mastered the skill to suck life and will of play from their opponents, which might be partly right. You kept hearing them mentioning how hard it was to get close to the net and how they were getting hit by our top 4. Price barely ever had any traffic in front of him.


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The Habs played perfectly; clogging up the neutral zone so the Jets rarely had enough speed to attack the slot which made it easy for Webby-Eddie-Ben-Petry to box them out.

It all changes if the Jets take the lead....now the Habs have to press and the Jets have an easier time to enter the zone with speed


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Wiseguy posted it in a different thread. No biggie. It's hilarious.