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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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In rumours that surprises no one, Habs are going hard for Dubois. Bergevin will get major heat if he doesn't pull it off.

It’s Drouin part 2. Bergy knew he would be ripped to shreads if he went elsewhere .

PLD is a stud and regime will be crucified if a trade fails


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PLD is a good player. I like him a lot but he’ll never be a PPG center IMO. Suzuki has far more offensive upside than PLD. I see PLD and KK as similar offensively. PLD gets the nod for the rest of his game which is important but not Suzuki and KK important.

I don’t subscribe to your opinions of the two players.

Nick > PLD


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I don’t think he gets traded at all. Not until the summer at earliest.

Columbus needs cost certainty in any deal . Something good today and potential down the road in picks and prospects that are cheap for years . A framework deal around Laine whose salary starts at 7+ makes no sense for their budget .

The Kings are ideal trade partners , stacked with young talent if Columbus is more prospect hungry .


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Gillis was able to move Luongo' contract at about the same age. He was still good though.

The Habs should probably get on that if/while they still can.


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Is price worth 6.5... not based on his last 3 years but i would imagine the lineup of GMs willing to gove back real assets for him at 6.5 would not be small.


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Dom's updated final roster team projections.

4. TOR .578
10. MTL .534
12. EDM .517
14. CGY .516
21. VAN .481
22. WPG .480
31. OTT .379


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Habs' issues while they have 2 nice young Cs, their #1 goalie and #1 D are mid 30's and will need to be replaced. And how the **** do you move that Price contract.
NHL GMs are not that smart

Price is valued for some reason. Problem is one of the NHL GMs is MB,