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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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Ask Che Guevara

Yeah, but at least he portrayed himself as one of their ideological brethren.

Putin makes no such pretensions but still gets either adoration or a complete free pass for any misdeeds from the Greenwalds of the world.


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Will never cease to amaze how an ex-KGB, mobbed-up, murdering kleptocratic totalitarian dictator became a darling of the far left.
Will never cease to amaze me that if someone opposes a claim about a scumbag like Putin, he's their darling. Remember all those far left, anti-war Saddam lovers?


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Russia Russia Russia, that's all you guys talk about. You just hate them because they stand up to the Imperialists.

yesterday, you already admitted you used to root for Russia vs Canada in international play (for the good of the game)



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Now you're talking. There's one (born in Russia, moved to the US as a 3 year old) that I dated on and off the year or so before covid who was honestly a knockout, brilliant, fascinating. But she split her time between NY and LA and intended to be in NY ultimately. She also is too caught up in the bullshit rat race to care about getting married and starting a family just yet - her head is not where it should be for a 34 year old. And so it wasn't meant to be. But honestly just an unbelievable catch.


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Damn I wish I could post this girl's picture here, but it doesn't feel right.

I think she's probably the most attractive girl I ever dated.


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Dustin Brown is such an under the radar player. I thought he was finished 5 years ago. Kudos to him. His own team took away the C from him because they thought he was done.
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Meme time



Yes, I'm kidding people.
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The officiating is a fucking joke.

Zaitsev want letting Gallagher out and Murray reset himself. This call back is fucking bullshit.

More Kevin Pollock bullshit


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And that goal should have counted. Murray had a ton of time to get set but thought the game was over so didn’t bother to move