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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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I thought this debate over whether or not the goalie had enough time to reset was familiar. Here’s a similar goal by the Leafs that also got called back:

Similar situation in a bunch of ways. The Leafs player had at least some “help” in ending up in the crease.

And then the goalie had the count of a few steamboats to get back up and reset before the goal, but it still got called back.


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Would assume it’s not just “reset” like a player, but tracking and finding puck, getting into position again afterwards etc... Takes a bit longer for a goalie to get back in it after getting bumped.

My issue is more with goalies acting as players vs this type of stuff. Never liked that they act like a 3rd dman but can’t be touched and they know it when they do some stuff that they do.