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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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I don't think Burke is a miracle worker but he does have a good track record with veteran keepers...it's a zero risk move by Bergy

from The Athletic

Ilya Bryzgalov was 30 when Burke was hired as the goaltending coach in Arizona in 2010-11 and put up the best save percentage of his career at .921, allowing him to sign a nine-year free-agent contract with the Philadelphia Flyers worth nearly $42 million. Bryzgalov was never the same goalie again.

The following season, Mike Smith arrived in Arizona at age 29 and put up the best season of his career with a .930 save percentage. Devan Dubnyk showed up in the desert at age 28 in 2014-15 and resurrected his career. But most importantly, there is Burke himself, who was floundering through his 30s before finding something at age 34, putting up the best save percentage of his career at .922 playing for the Coyotes.


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