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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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Yeah, the Seabrook retirement seems legit-ish. It is extremely convenient for Chicago, too.

But good for him. Had an excellent career, played some great hockey, won 3 cups, made a ton of money. That's the dream, isn't it?


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Tom Wilson is coming like a train and Brandon Carlo is in for a world of pain.

Full speed, Wilson is committed to the hit while Carlo’s head is vertical and his left arm / elbow is between his body / head and Wilson

Contact is imminent and Wilson is bracing himself.
Carlo starts looking at the puck and slightly lifting his left arm.

At the last instant before contact, Carlo drops his head horizontally and lifts his left arm / elbow higher than his head in an attempt to play the puck between his skates, removing completely the barrier that what would have been the first point of contact.

Notice the elapsed time on the clock between the last 3 frames, thats all happening really fast.
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Ya whatever, he was clearly aiming to make contact to the front of Carlo. While that's sometimes useful for separating a player from the puck, its dangerous when you're charging, like Wilson always is, and when you hit high, like Wilson always does. He could have easily targeted shoulder/hip as the main point of contact and hit Carlo square.


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It's sort of beyond me why anyone would be giving Tom Wilson the benefit of the doubt on hits to the head at this point.

Yeah, at what point does "complete disregard" start to equate to "malicious intent". Wilson plays with complete disregard for the safety of everyone around him, regardless of whether he's intending to head shot Carlo there. He doesn't deserve his intent being considered anymore.


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Who says no?

To NYR: Eichel
To BUF: Lafreniere, Kakko, DeAngelo

Tbh, neither should.

Neither Kakko or Laf have shown elite ability yet, and both are in "uh-uh" territory for pure production vs age/draft slot. Entirely possible that you get more "RNH with some grit" out of Laf and and some Finnish "Nolan Patrick" out of Kak. High picks are not guarantees of impact players. This would very much be "the mystery box might be a boat" trade for Buffalo, but at this point they're better off trading everything not named Dahlin & Cozens. Just fire everyone and start over.

For the Rangers, they just want/need a star who is good now to capitalize on the other big moves they've made recently and the fact that their entire core is in their prime now. They probably shouldn't be burning years on this Panarin signing to wait and see what these kids can do.