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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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If it costs a first for Foligno, I would prefer it would be used for Foligno over Hall.
Yes, Hall has more offensive potential, Foligno adds a bit note of the sandpaper and the defensive play.

If it's just a first then go get it Dubas


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Give me Hall over Foligno, all day.

I'll take the potential high-end winger over the veteran leaderbeans, which we've added plenty of already.


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Nick Foligno isn't worth a 1st, but would cost a 1st.

17 goals in his last 109 games. We're already playing enough guys who don't do enough offensively but play solid 200 foot games (Engvall, Mikky, Simmonds, Thornton, Kerfoot, etc). We could really use another creator in the lineup, we're 2nd in expected goals against over the last 6 weeks (7th overall on the season)...we don't need a guy who helps us defensively at 5 on 5....hilariously, we could really use another guy on our power play. We're using some really marginal talent on both units right now. If we're looking at a glaring issue with our skaters that can kill us in a hurry in the playoffs, that's it. That we've become so good defensively, and Jack's play of late, are the only reasons we're not screaming from the fucking rafters about how necessary it is to fix the PP before the playoffs.

We get anemic offensively in a hurry if Auston isn't right.


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Nick Foligno is a fine break glass in case of emergency if you dont get Taylor Hall, but they aren't in the same league as wingers.

Foligno just brings perceived grit. He's not good enough to get criticism for being in a slump on a bad team where as Hall gets the anti Andersen treatment