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Around the League 2019-2020 Edition


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Anthony Stewart probably plays Monopoly where you get 500$ landing on Free Parking.........and punching your opponent in the face as opposed to paying Marvin Gardens rent


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It's amazing to me that the NHL thinks this Tom Wilson "physical brand" attracts fans. To be frank, it makes me want to abandon the sport and i suspect it's a major deterrent in acquiring new fans to the sport.

Imagine trying to explain to someone just getting into hockey why what Tom Wilson did, was not that bad?
Maybe they want those fancy MMA fans?


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Yeah, I'd really love to see the Leafs as an organization step up to the plate on this one.

Though the pessimist in me says every other organization will stay quiet.
There is actually a bunch of leadership things about how important the second person is.

Then once the third joins in they all do.

But that isn't hockey culture. Glasses might be the only one I'd give a one percent chance to because he is new school.


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Seeing a lot of people defending Wilson with "every team would love to have Tom Wilson on their team" which oddly enough has a bit of "all lives matter" to it in terms of how fucking badly it intentionally misses the point.
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Small group of GMs unhappy with Shanahan: Hotstove | CBC Sports

While NHL vice-president of player safety Brendan Shanahan has handed out stiffer suspensions in an effort to curb headshots, a small group of general managers are not pleased with the length of the banishments, according to Hockey Night in Canada’s Hotstove panelist Eric Francis.

Shanahan, who was given a mandate to deliver stiffer penalties for those players targeting the head, has dished out 31 games in suspensions, totalling $701,682.56 US in salary.

"I spoke to almost a third of the general managers today and I was a little bit surprised to find out that there is a group of them that has gone to [NHL commissioner] Gary Bettman and [deputy commissioner] Bill Daly and made it very clear that they are very unhappy with the way that Brendan Shanahan has handled [the length] of the suspensions," Francis said.

"The [suspensions] are pretty harsh and a lot of people agree with that — fans and media are definitely on board — but there’s a group of GMs that have gone and complained. They wanted the bar set high — they made that clear in their agenda in the summer. However, they didn’t want it 'doubled and tripled' in the words of one general manager who really teed off on Brendan today."


Bet we can guess some of the names in that small group of GMs.
**** Eric Francis


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Pierre Lebrun pointed out that the last time a team did anything like this was back in 2013, where the Sharks merely put out a statement politely disagreeing with a suspension the league handed out to one of their players in the playoffs, and they got hit with a $100K fine.

The Rangers statement is obviously on quite a different level than that.
Ya. This.


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If they come out and fine the Rangers tomorrow like everyone's expecting... the Rangers then have to play Wilson tomorrow night. Could get pretty ugly.