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Around the League 2019-2021 Edition


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It's so frustrating we did a full rebuild, got franchises pieces, and can't go forward. These less talented teams are winning.


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I can never look at Foligno the same after he brought that old stinky hat to charm us and then did nothing. 93' had true playoff warriors. Can't expect the same magic.


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Lou was smart to swoop in early on Palmieri. I feel like thats the guy the Leafs actually needed, and hoped Foligno could be.

He had a terrible regular season, but has been a legit top line winger and its no surprise that he is having a huge playoffs. Zajac would have been huge for us also after the Tavares injury.

IMO that was the trade that we missed out on moreso than Hall.


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Honestly I don't see them necessarily as big underdogs here in the final 4. Good team that scores well on the nerdies. They can win it.