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Around the League 2019-2021 Edition


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I don't mind the strategy of giving players max term to bring the cap hit down. That is what the Hawks did, and they are just dealing with the ramifications the last few years after their window closed.

But Holland isn't giving those contracts to prime Hossa and Keith. He is giving out Seabrook contracts.


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He won't put up big points, but he'll become fast friends with McDavid and play the same complimentary game he did with Matthews/Tavares. Low maintenance/high-drive winger.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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6-8 weeks for Price - just bumps and bruises.

Shady, very shady.
Sometimes people talk over the poker table. All part of the game. If he really wanted to retain Price, and I believe Bergevin did, he played this masterfully.


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not sure if serious but it is my understanding that all medicals for unprotected players have to be provided

Yes, they do but Friedman mentioned some other teams thought Montreal was trying to game the system re: the leaks he could miss the entire year + Price's specialist appointment not being until today.