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Around the League 2019-2021 Edition


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BTW, Ryan Kesler is flapping his gums about Leaf players needing to leave more on the table. That fucker signed a huge extension at age 31 when he was declining and IS STILL under contract even though he hasn't played in 2 years. Like fuck off hypocrite.
He also signed an offer sheet after his ELC ran out. Then he turned around & asked his teammates to "take one for the team" & sign for less years later.


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I wish we had ice time numbers from back then.

The earliest toi numbers for those dmen I can find:

Lefebvre '99 (31): #4 20:56 (1.Foote, 2.Ozolinsh, 3.Miller)
Lefebvre '00 (32): #5 18:36 (1.Leetch, 2.Schneider, 3.Hatcher, 4.Quintal)
Lefebvre '01 (33): #5 18:10 (1.Leetch, 2.Johnsson, 3.Gusarov, 4.Malakhov)
Lefebvre '02 (34): #6 16:38 (1.Leetch, 2.Malakhov, 3.Poti, 4.Berard, 5.Karpa)
Lefebvre '03 (35): #8 15:17 (1.Leetch, 2.Poti, 3.Malakhov, 4.Mironov, 5.Bouchard, 6.Backbone)

Was Lefebvre anything more than a solid complimentary 2nd pair dmen in his career? Maybe, but maybe not.